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This program encodes a DOCSIS binary configuration file from a human-readable text configuration file. The source repository is at:



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Docsis-provisioning - A software suite for provisioning and managing a DOCSIS network.

docsis-provisioningThe provisioning project provides: A complete Linux solution for booting up DOCSIS cable modems, including: a built-in TFTP server capable of generating configuration files on-the-fly, an OMAPI interface to ISC DHCP server version 3, an optional syslog server, a time server, a powerful GUI environment to manage and monitor the network, a module supporting PacketCable MTAs An interface to ipset, providing scalable firewall capabilities that may be used on a gateway machine, A w

Modemtracker - Tracks modem info

Simple program that tracks modems you have found

Docsi - IRC Bot "Computer Science"

A bot which combines Geordi and a php interpreter, a CSS validator, HTML validator, micro /msg pastebin, javascript evaluator and socket-based poinger.

Dsimulator - Device network Simulator

this a very flexible device network simulator. With this simulator you should be able not just to learn how different network devices works, but also, you can create your own network devices and recreate, by terms of traffic network , real network devices.

Jdocsis - Java-based Docsis CM configuration file compiler

JDocsis is a java-based Docsis CM configuration file (de)compiler. It permits the compilation of a text file into a binary TLV-Docsis/PacketCable configuration file or the decompilation of the binary TLV-Docsis/PacketCable into text file.

ISG Tools

Shell and cgi scripts for Cable ISPs. Modem/Host Search(partial MAC) amp; Diagnostics, IP logging (w/cgi search interface), flap stats, and more! Reduces what took minutes in telnet and shell sessions into a 15 second web based search. (50 uBRs) docsis

DocSys Document Management System

A system for managing documentation files through the web. Includes automatically generated thumbnails, version control, license and language tracking, metadata-based searching, and author-ownership control. Suitable for multi-project use.

Docspeed - CMDownloader (Docsis Speed Analyzer)

cross-platform java app for download, read and analyze Docsis configuration files. Next update: no dependance over docsis.exe file anymore... hopefully!! So the cross-platform can be achieved... :) I decided to retake this forgotten project since i've seen around a bit of demand to get the project so... i hopefully will release a new version in the next weeks... keep the support!! GotH

pydocsis - DOCSIS® cable modem configuration file encoder/decoder

DOCSIS® cable modem configuration file encoder/decoder