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Doco is a simple but feature rich and powerful markup language for converting text documents into highly-presentable and navigable web content.



Related Projects

SplendidCRM Customisations & Extra's

SplendidCRM is a open source CRM written in c#. It is designed to function the same as SugarCRM and has a similar interface. This project will contain all the enhancements and extra's I have written while implementing SplendidCRM for my company as well as code examples and doco.

Sistemajuridico - Automatização das rotinas de escritórios jurídoco

Este é o projeto que será desenvolvido em java na plataforma NetBeans com o objetivo de automatizar as rotinas de um escritório de serviço jurídico.

Mytardis - The TARDIS data management system for private lab/facility data

Pending Migration to GitHubMyTardis is currently in the process of moving its codebase operations to GitHub. MyTardis GitHub Repository The Google Code site and repository will be closed before the end of January, 2012. A guide is being produced on how to get involved in the GitHub repository. DocumentationDevelopment Wiki is used to discuss architecture, new functionality, etc. Once the functionality has been implemented it is moved to the... MyTARDIS User and Administration Documentation MyTAR

BriteCode - Doco, how-tos, example code for the BriteVerify API

Doco, how-tos, example code for the BriteVerify API


A collection of my personal documentation

API-DOCO - Some public documentation

Some public documentation

IntellishareDoco - Documentation for Intellishare

Documentation for Intellishare

doco - the free music DOwnload COde generator

the free music DOwnload COde generator


A Python library for the Donors Choose JSON API.


Miscellaneous docs referring to projects I've done recently.