DockTab Framework for WPF

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A WPF docking framework (like Visual Studio or Expression Blend) with a strong focus on ease of use and performance. It provides DockTabControl that arranges it child DockTabItem and a windowing system that allows you to drag, drop and dock items between windows.



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AvalonDock is a WPF control for adding a docking layout system to your application.


K-Dock is a basic WPF library built to allow developers to implement a docking system in their applications. Written in Visual Basic.


Bauble is a dock launcher written in C# utilizing WPF. As a launcher, it contains an animated list application icons, and will open their program on click.

Tasklistwatcher - Application made in C# using WPF to keep a todo list of tasks.

Code: C# using WPF --- Design: Using WPF creating a widget like application with some simple screen docking features that can be used to manage a todo list of tasks.

Actipro WPF Controls Contrib

Open source code developed in C# that can be used with Actipro's WPF controls. Current features include a number of enhancements for Microsoft's open source WPF DataGrid along with integration of Actipro's docking windows product with Prism.


An open-source GUI custom graphical host for PowerShell, using WPF (AvalonDock/AvalonEdit), written in VB.Net

Organizerdock - Organize Your Life!

A slim dock, placeable on any border of your screen. Enables you to easily organize your tasks and appointments. Also good to manage birthdays. Written in Visual C# with WPF. Try It Out and "Organize Your Life!"

CodeSHARPer is a C# code editor written in C# and WPF, it uses AvalonEdit as code editor, AvalonDock as layout system and NRefactory for code completion.

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