The DockApp Framework

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The DockApp framework is a development library for MacOSX written in Objective C. Its purpose is to facilitate DockApp development on the OSX platform. A bandwidth monitor DockApp based on the X11 program wmnet is included as a reference application.



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Pigeonfeather - A dock application which displays the weather status for a given location

Pigeon Feather is a dock application which displays the weather for a given location and displays a simple weather report. Check out some of the screenshots here ScreenShots It is written in Python and uses PyQt4 and lxml. The icons have been taken from kweather. It is inspired by kweather which at the time of this projects creation had not been ported to kde4. It is known to work well on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. To use Pigeon Feather with Python you can read this document for more details Ge