Multisite Document Managment System

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Docindex is an open, extensible system that permits web-based catalog searches and access-controlled fetch from a group of document repositories on multiple CVS (or other) servers. When originally written, it filled a temporary need. Now, it seems to hav



Related Projects

Docindexer - Document indexer toolkit

Google Code hosts the DocIndexer Mercurial repository. DocIndexer home page:

Docsearchgui - Graphical Front-End to DocIndexer (and other indexers)

DocIndexer helps you finds files in your computer / on your network. DocIndexer-GUI are: - written in python. - modular (you can extend it to parse your on file types) - open-source - free - work on Windows, Linux & probably Mac - fast - cute - easy to use

DocIndexer - It is a project which help index documents

It is a project which help index documents