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DocHelper is a tool that aims to help create + maintain documentation. It defines an ant task in order to fit into build scripts. It achieves its goal through the parsing of existing resources. It is Ant + Java based. See available Documentation.



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Mtex - Quantitative Texture Analysis Software

A MATLAB Toolbox for Quantitative Texture AnalysisFeaturesCrystallographic geometry: all kind of symmetries, different Euler angle conventions, import from crystallographic information files (CIF) ODF modelling: any composition of uniform, unimodal, fibre and Bingham ODFs, pole figure simulation, EBSD simulation ODF analysis: modal orientations, difference ODFs, volume portions, entropy, texture index, Fourier coefficients Pole figure analysis: 22 data formats, data correction Pole figure to ODF

dochelper - Document Helper

Document Helper

dochelpers - document generation utilities

document generation utilities