DNX - Distributed Nagios eXecutor

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Distributed Nagios eXecutor (DNX) is comprised of, a NEB module, server, and client daemons which allow the check plug-ins to execute across multiple quot;worker nodesquot; in a load distribution cluster.




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The DNX (a .NET Execution Environment) contains the code required to bootstrap and run an application, including the compilation system, SDK tools, and the native CLR hosts.

DNX - Dot Net eXtensions

Collections of extensions to add functionalities at the .NET Framework.

Ffmbc - FFMedia Broadcast

FFmpeg customized for broadcast and professional usage. What you can do with FFmbc: Import your files in Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Create XDCAM HD422 files in .mov or .mxf Create XDCAM IMX/D-10 files in .mov or .mxf Create AVID DNxHD files in .mov Create DVCPROHD files in .mov or .mxf Create ProRes 422 or 4444 files in .mov Convert V210 Files Convert HD YUV BT709 to SD BT601 and vice versa Convert AVCIntra 50 and 100 Convert MPEG-TS files with SMPTE 302M audio Convert AV

utcompvsrc_97 - UTComp source as released by dnx3

UTComp source as released by dnx3

nagios-dnx - DNX Nagios Event Broker (NEB) module

DNX Nagios Event Broker (NEB) module

dnx-watch - A watcher for dnx project development

dnx-watch is a file watcher for dnx that restarts the specified application when changes in the source code are detected. Its' purpose is to replace dnx --watch.


This is a fork of DNX to enable individual clients to be affined to specific hosts.


DJANGO + FAbric + GUnicorn + NGInx + Supervisor deployment (git fork from https://bitbucket.org/DNX/django-fagungis/)

DnxTools - Infrastructure utilities used in the build system

Infrastructure utilities used in the build system


shell script for converting DPX+wav input to specific outputs of DNxHD, lossless h264 at 4:2:2 YUV 10 bit, and a streamable h264