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DNT is a project to make a Free (as in free speech) 3D single player RPG in a satirical post-apocalyptical world.




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Dnt-onenote-importer - A C# based utility to import DNT files generated by the G-Note 5000/7100 digi

This project allows you to automatically import DNT files created by a G-Note tablet into user-defined OneNote notebooks based on the workbook number of the tablet, allowing easy access to your notes through OneNote. This code is based on the file formation description from the g-note-utils project.


Another library include extension methods focused on Persian dot net applications.

Sherpa - hiking information

English: System made to let hiking associations represent information on cabins and routes. Norwegian: Hensikten er ĺ lage et web-system som lar DNT og medlemsforeninger tilknyttet DNT presentere informasjon om egen aktivitet og fjellomrĺder omrĺder.

G-note-utils - a set of utilities to work with files created by Genius G-Note 7100 tablet

The purpose of this project is to create some utilities that can manipulate .dnt files (UC Logic). This format is used by some Genius and Lapazz products. Its description can be found at http://www.lapazz.com/LP-Download/LP-Download.htm Also see http://fightpc.blogspot.com/2006/10/genius-g-note-5000.html for some discussion and perl code. Features: export into svg (combine multiple pages into single html file, future plans) eliminate the need for pressing new page button when writing on a tablet

dnt - dnt


dnt900 - A Linux line discipline for RFM DNT900 & DNT2400 radio transceiver modules.

A Linux line discipline for RFM DNT900 & DNT2400 radio transceiver modules.

JM.DCJ - DNT Database Tools For Vehicles Database

DNT Database Tools For Vehicles Database

18-636-project - Testing the effectiveness of DNT tag

Testing the effectiveness of DNT tag


An interface board for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer and RFM DNT900 and DNT2400 radio transceiver modules.

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