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create/update DNS tables, uses dynamic update of BIND 8 or higher




Related Projects


hostupd is a command-line tool which allows the user to update a dns server which supports dynamic updates (rfc2136), such as bind gt;= 8. Its main goal is to simplify the dns-updating task, but to remain flexible.

Dynamic-dnsupdate - Web-based Dynamic DNS Update Program

DescriptionThis is a simple web-based dynamic DNS update program that can add, replace or delete DNS resource records in a master server. (very user friendly) This program is developed based on a PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)'s package Net_DNS without using a PHP's external program execution function (system). This program is very useful for individuals or SMEs' DNS administers who want to manage their DNS resource records easily. PrerequisitesApache 2.x.x PHP 5.x.x PEAR Net_DN

Dns-updater - A DNS-O-Matic Updater and Engine

dns-updater is a project aimed to provide a Cocoa Framework and an Application for MacOSX for updating Hosts in DNS-O-Matic


MacOS X DNSUpdate source

DNSUpdate - MacOS X DNSUpdate source

MacOS X DNSUpdate source

Loopia-WRT - DNS-updater for loopia for DD-WRT

DNS-updater for loopia for DD-WRT

dnsupdate - http dns updater

http dns updater


DNS updater script a Médiabirodalom dinamikus DNS szolgáltatáshoz.

dns_updater - A Rackspace DNS updater script

A Rackspace DNS updater script

dns-updater - Dynamic DNS using Rackspace Cloud DNS API

Dynamic DNS using Rackspace Cloud DNS API