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Provides Drag and Drop support for GWT widgets (including trees, grids and calendars)




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Dragmovedrop - Drag, Move and Drop integrated library for Google Web Tool Kit

SummaryI'm proud to present you the first release of DragMoveDrop project in collaboration with Pleyo This is the first included drag and drop for GWT. It is also the first simple and optimized Drag and Drop. Tested on every Operating system, on every browsers, and build with a small computer (1Ghz and 512Mo Ram). His unique system of detecting allows you to increase performance when you are moving a widget. That is not all, i'm preparing many examples of use ; as 2000 Widgets in a page, and kee

Upload4gwt - Upload for GWT, and Appengine.

Very small and clean file upload solution for use with GWT, and App Engine. This project will support: HTML5 multiple file selection Drag and drop file upload Custom (styled) file selection button Progress bar DesignMVP front-end Simple to use API StatusThis project is still early stage. Many features are working however currently it is not a drop in solution. You will need to play with the source to get it working in your project. Road to AlphaImplement core functionality Design small configura

Chamaeleo - A gwt based project management application with Gantt chart support and reports

What's this project ?This project intends to offer a web-oriented tool to manage... projects ! The kind of project that'll be handled may be anything from cooking recipes to house building or software development. Anyone who needs to manage Time, Tasks, Resources, Budget, Statistics and Communications should be interested in our tool. We really hope to have a first functional version asap. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Monthly NewsMarch 2009jUnit tests on clie