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Related Projects

HardWall Firewall

HardWall Firewall: Is an iptables script that does the following:- Port Forwarding, Packet Filtering, Statefull Packet Inspection, Port Redirection, Masqurade, SNAT, DNAT, NAT amp; Bridging - Functions as both a Workstation and IP Forwarding Firewall

ispfw a.k.a. ISP-FIREWALL

ISP-fW is a firewall script that provides port forwarding, packet filtering, stateful packet inspection, port redirection, masquerading, SNAT/ DNAT, TOS, and never the last it generates htb rules for bandwich management. Includes: htb-tools, mipclass

PCX Firewall

The PCX Firewall is a perl script that generates a customized shell script to start, stop and restart the IPTables based firewall. You can build a MULTI-homed system or a Standalone system. DNAT, SNAT, Redirection, Blocking, etc. are all supported.

Gaeproxy - GAE Proxy for Android System

GAE Proxy for AndroidWallProxy | GoAgent Android 客户端,综� RedSocks�CMWRAP�SSHTunnel 和 Python For Android 等项目,以实现 Android 系统上基于 Google AppEngine 的 HTTP 代�。 问题�馈:@gaeproxy 快速指���选】导入 GAEProxy 根�书,详细请� 教程 部属自己的 WallProxy / GoAgent Fetch Server ,详情请�: WallProxy 1.0.1 http://code.google.com/p/gaeproxy/wiki/wallproxy GoAgent http://code.google.com/p/goagent 下载并安装 GAEProxy 最

Nsrx - DNS voodoo: *inbound* firewall traversal to hosts that you can't even route to!

This is a proof-of-concept implementation of Dan Kaminsky's so-called "DNS source routing" hack.WHAT IT DOES: establish inbound IP traffic to a host inside a private network, with no public IP address nor DNAT setup.HOW IT WORKS: the private network's local dns resolver is fooled into relaying trafic back in forth.REQUIREMENTS:    - The target network must host a local dns resolver    - The dns resolver must be able to establish UDP/53 connections towards the target    - The attacker must have a

Net-DNAT - Release history of Net-DNAT

Release history of Net-DNAT