debian netinstall for dummies

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a script to help new debian users to do a netinstall minimal.



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Dnd-binary-source - DnD 4th Character Builder

A Character Builder for the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Role-Playing Game.


Z-Duke will be a crossplatform engine recode of the popular duke nukem 3d - you will need the original game data (duke3d.grp) - maybe even finish it before dn4ever =)

Randomgamegenerator - A cross-platform role-playing table emulator, supporting chat, maps, dice, and

Windows binary: is a project designed to facilitate play of traditional pen-and-paper role-playing games online, providing features such as a chat window, a graphical display for terrain and "pogs" representing creatures and objects, and automated dice rolling. It also includes a wide variety of random generators so that one can, for example, generate randomized names with an appropriate sound for a large number o

Scala-native-access - Enables & facilitates native code access from Scala

Scala Native AccessScala Native Access (SNA) enables and facilitates native library (aka "DLL" or "Shared library") access from Scala. Unlike other integration approaches, Scala Native Access does not require the use of glue code in another language (not even Java). In brief, SNA is to Scala what JNA (Java Native Access) is to Java. SNA Uses Java Native AccessSNA uses JNA internally. However, the JNA library (versions 3.2.4 through 3.2.7) has some Java-centric assumptions that cause difficulties

Visualswing4eclipse - Visual Swing for Eclipse

What is it?Visual Swing for Eclipse is a GUI designer tool, which consists of a set of Eclipse Plug-ins. It aims to provide a Swing designer for Eclipse for Java desktop developers. Update site RequirementEclipse 3.3 or higher Java 5 or higher IntroductionIt is well known that Swing is gaining more and more momentum in recent years. Before Java 1.5, Swing was ugly, slow and full of bugs. In fact, it used to be so bad,

Dndtoolbox - A collection of tools for DnD

A set of tools for both players and DMs to play/run a DnD game. Current focus:1.0 Character Creator 1.1 Custom data creator (class, race, items, etc.) TBD Encounter Generator

T4e - 4th edition DnD tourney at UAT

A fourth edition tournament being held at UAT on the 22nd of november.

Darksun-maptools-framework - A framework of code for maptools to allow automated combat and other se

A collection of macros written using the maptools pseudo language in addition to pictures, maps, tokens, properties and other bits and pieces to create an overall framework for a Darksun campaign in DnD 4th edition.

Gdice - RPG Dice Rolling Gadget

gDice is a simple and attractive gadget that allows you to roll up to 6 dice in any combination of D4, D6, D8, D12, D20 and Fudge(+,- or blank) applying a modifier if desired.

Ouroboros-rpg-database - RPG Manager

Ouroboros is a tool to help Game Managers and Storytellers manage a database of characters, props, locations, effects, plots, notes, ideas, etc. It handles character archetypes & advancement, plot events, printing & reporting, charts, and as well as player contact information. It is intended to be intuitive and flexible enough to be used by authors, playwrights, screen-writers, directors, and roleplaying game managers. Ouroboros exposes a cross-platform open api for creating, managing and exchan