Data Manage Programming Language DMPL

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DMPL is Data Manage Programming Language. It's really helpful if you're working with C, C++ or C# programming language, or if you are learning to programm.



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ghci-ng - Next generation GHCi

The features additional to normal GHCi function in the latest GHC(7.8.4) release are:* The `:set +c` command: collect information about modules after they've been loaded, and remember it between loads (including failed ones). I recommend adding this line to your `~/.ghci` file.* The `:type-at` command (requires `+c`): show the type at the given position in the module. Example: ``` haskell *X> :type-at X.hs 6 6 6 7 f Int -> Int ``` This can be useful to get the type of a pattern variable

share-file - FileTea-like command line tool

The role model--------------There exists a web service called [FileTea](, which isreallly great: Just go there with your web browser and share a file. You get alink that you can send to other people, and they can use it to download thefile. The greatness of FileTea comes from the fact that * the file is streamed to the other user directly from your browser, i.e. it is not stored on the server, and * as soon as you close your browser tab, the link becomes invalid.The idea-----

stgen - Simple command-line based application for a static file generation

Simple command-line based application for a static file generation

kcomp - Codekit .kit file command-line compiler

Codekit .kit file command-line compiler

Regex Compiler

A simple command line compiler for pre-building regular expressions into DLL assemblies. RegexC reads type names and regexes from a plain text source file, and calls Regex.CompileToAssembly() to package them into a reusable DLL.

dktools - Dirk Krauses tools

A set of command line tools for advanced users and administrators. Graphics conversion (PNG/TIFF/JPEG to PS/EPS/PDF, Fig to PS/EPS/PGF/PDF+TeX/EPS+TeX/SVG), administration tools (create configuration and documentation from database), printing tools (print quota enforcement, send file to Windows print queue, Windows print queue cleanup, LPRng queue cleanup), developer tool (tracing and debugging, wxWidgets GUI code generation, state machine code generation), networking tool (send data strea

cog - Command-line utility that makes it easy to organize a project which uses code generation

Command-line utility that makes it easy to organize a project which uses code generation

talend-codegen - Command line code generation (job export) plugin for talend

Command line code generation (job export) plugin for talend

Ohcount - The Ohloh source code line counter

Ohcount is a library for counting lines of source code. It was originally developed at Ohloh. It supports multiple languages within a single file: for example, a complex HTML document might include regions of both CSS and JavaScript.

protoc-gen-cobra - Cobra command line tool generator for Go gRPC

Cobra command line tool generator for Go gRPC.A plugin for the protobuf compiler protoc, that generates Go code using cobra. It is capable of generating client code for command line tools consistent with your protobuf description.

verinfo - File/PE-Image Version Information Application

The "verinfo" application is a command line application that will show you version information (and more!) for either a single file, multiple files or even a complete directory. It has some optional features like MD5/SHA1 generation, HTML Output, Logging Output to a file and/o...

wsdl2go - Command line tool to generate Go code from WSDL

wsdl2go is a command line tool to generate Go code from WSDL.wsdl2go is a code generator that consumes WSDL from stdin (or file, or URL) and produces Go on stdout. The generated code contains services and methods described in the WSDL input, in a single output file. It is your responsibility to make it a package, in the sense that you put it in a directory that makes sense for you, and import it in your code later. Note that the generated code depends on the "soap" package that is part of this project.

jparseopt - Command line argument parsing and command line completion script generation.

Command line argument parsing and command line completion script generation.

SjASMPlus - Z80 Assembly Cross-Compiler

Modern command-line cross-compiler of 8bit processor Z80(and R800) assembly language. Support many directives(even ZX-Spectrum specific as snapshot .SNA generation), has built-in Lua scripting engine, 3-pass design. Windows/DOS/FreeBSD.

DeltaForth File Builder

DeltaForth File Builder is a GUI for the free DeltaForth .NET command line compiler, which is a particular implementation of the Forth programming language for .NET technology. The DeltaForth compiler is produced by Valer Bolcan and can be downloaded from http://www.dataman.r...

dtest - Utility executable to be used with unit-threaded

**Upgrade to 2.065 or downgrade to 2.063. No problem on Windows.Utility using [unit-threaded]( run all unit tests in a list of directories. This was written because,although [unit-threaded]( canscan and run all unit tests in a given set of modules, those modules needto be manually specified, which can be tedious. The reason for that isthat D packages are just directories and the compiler can'tread the files

Draak Compiler

Draak is a multi-language, macro compiler, meaning all syntax and code generation is defined in a single file. Draak is a single binary that is able to compile any context free language (like C, Pascal, Java) for any platform with only 1 file.

spaghetti - Type-safe APIs for compile-to-JavaScript modules

Spaghetti modules are written in compile-to-JS languages like [TypeScript]( and [Haxe]( Each module's API is defined in a [Spaghetti Interface Definition file](/../../wiki/Spaghetti Syntax). Here's an example of a typical API definition:```module com.example.greeterinterface Greeter { string sayHello(string user)}Greeter createGreeter()```Based on this abstract definition, Spaghetti ensures type safety on both the implementor and the caller side of a

reactman - Prompt and Template Code Generation Tool

Reactman is a CLI code generation tool which will take templates and populate them via the command line prompt script and then move them into your codebase.


[Nested1]A = sometagb = something elseirrelevant = ignored optionnumber = 142. Overwrite ``config`` from *environment variables*. Environment variables are named in uppercase, like this: ``COUNT=65535 NESTED1_A=sometag``.3. Generate *command line flags* for each of ``config``'s public fields, parse the command line and overwrite ``config`` with parsed values. Command line options are named in lowercase, like this: ``--count 65535 --nested1-a sometag``. The ``--help`` option will be handled here