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DML2 is a command line-based object-oriented content storage and document formatting system geared toward static HTML development.



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Ajaxservletapp - this project shows how to access server page in asynchronous way.

Project access server pages like servlet without refreshing the current page thats the beauty of ajax , i also done client side verification by using JQuery features i. e. 1)email 2)login name 3)password minimum 5 char 4)re-enter same password & 5)empty field validations and by using ajax,get,post functions ,i handle DML commands of database without refreshing the page or calling to another client side page.

Sql2asciidoc - Tools for converting SQL DDL (tables/views creation scripts) and DML (SELECT command

Table of ContentsTable of ContentsSummaryddl2asciidocsql2asciidoc SummaryThis is a Python library and script to export SQL DDL and SQL SELECT command's output to AsciiDoc. There are two scripts represented in the package: '''ddl2asciidoc''' -- converts DDL (Create Table/View SQL scripts) to AsciiDoc source; '''sql2asciidoc''' -- connects to database, executes SELECT ... script and converts it's result to AsciiDoc table body. ddl2asciidoc ddl2asciidoc - Prints ASCIIDOC of table descriptions from

Netlogo-sql - SQL extension for NetLogo

Netlogo-sql (or NetLogo SQL Wrapper) is a JDBC based extension for the NetLogo modelling environment to access databases using SQL queries. The version 1.1 supports MySQL and PostgreSQL out of the box, and has generic support for other database (will require a compatible JDBC driver). Interim release version 1.2-SNAPSHOT adds support for NetLogo 5.0.x. This project was started as a bachelor graduation project of three students at the Dutch Open University. After completion, the project has been

Edendb - A thin, flexible and fast python DBAPI wrapper for those who like SQL but don't like to

OVERVIEW: clean API flexible usage good performance 100% of unit tests pass 100% code coverage (currently, only 75 lines of code) each wrapper function can optionally have straight sql passed to it wrapper functions use the same ordering of arguments as sql does so it is easy for those who know sql to use the wrappers (thus saving keystrokes!) runs on any platform python2.5 runs (it would be trivial to port to earlier versions of python) Each sql command can be run in one line of code. The resul

Mycheckpoint - Lightweight, SQL oriented monitoring for MySQL

mycheckpoint: lightweight, SQL oriented monitoring for MySQLVisit mycheckpoint home page mycheckpoint is an open source monitoring utility for MySQL, with strong emphasis on user accessibility to monitored data. It is SQL oriented: charts, reports and advances metrics are generated on the fly with views. There is no need for an external program to diagnose the data. In fact, mycheckpoint’s main duty is to to a one-time creation of a special purpose schema. Recording of data is performed via a

Db-forms-constructor - DB Forms Constructor

Will be translated later... SQL Query - main part of this Tool.If You can write Query - You can build UI for viewing DB Data. If You can create stored procedures - can build form with DML operations. Main UI Components:Grid(or Tree) -> Grid with Editor -> Grid with Editors and child forms. Supported Databases Oracle 9.2 and above Steps to creation:Write SQL Query -> [add field definitions] -> [add editor tabs defs..] -> [write stored Procedure/Package] - [create mapping from Form to Procedure]..

Apex-code-patrol - Controll your apex code flow

What is it?Apex Code Patrol allows you to control the execution of your classes, triggers, groups or even single methods, by setting execution limits or simply disabling the code on the fly. How to use thisfor some detail examples check out the test methods Disable-Codepublic class ACPSampleClass {public void updateAccounts(){// maybe some other code performed dml on setup objects and disabled// any other dml via patrol class (for heavy used keys you should think about custom labels)if(ApexCodeP


The main theme of this Jxt4DataBase is to bring a friendly environment to the user, those who are frequently executing DDL, DML Queries of a MySQL DataBase. Requirement: 1. MYSQL 5.0.45 2. JAVA 1.6.0-beta

Novelhibernate - An enhanced plug-in for Hibernate and other ORM frameworks

Hibernate does perfectly in terms of ORM problem, however the lack of performance is always its bottleneck. This project aims to upgrade the performance of Hibernate, without dropping any of the benefits it provides for ORM (even improve transparency), by hacking into it and add some part with jdbctemplate-like functions to support more efficient SQL (e.g. join statement after select/project ... etc.) . (Note this project is based on JDBC but it does not aim to provide redundant functions compar

Dtgen - Oracle Database Implementation Tool for Relational Designers

DTGen is an Oracle based generator that creates database schema with augmented functionality, configurable multi-tier deployment, and default maintenance forms for APEX. DTGen Pre-Release 0.11 Download Now Available Given a basic entity-relational model and required model meta-data, this tool will generate the SQL, PL/SQL, and APEX code to implement: Natural Key Update-able Views Configurable Multi-Tier Deployments Sequences and

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