Digitization Metadata Editor

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Digitization Metadata Editor is a Content Management System for Digital Libraries. It's a complex web-based system supporting all essential steps in the development of the digital library.




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Dme-ciphering-project - Verschlüsselungsprojekt

Projekt, dass Texteingabe verschlüsselt und in eine TXT abspeichert. Funktioniert auch umgekehrt

Meta-editor - Metadata editor for Fedora Repository

Metadata EditorWeb application based on http://sourceforge.net/projects/dme. However, DME can cooperate only with Kramerius v 3.x. This metadata editor capable of editing digital objects stored in Fedora Repository. Once, the editing is finished it can invoke re-index process on some other system (Kramerius 4, for instance) by sending HTTP GET on a particular URL. This project started as my master's thesis, but now is developed under the auspicies of Moravian Library in Brno. If you are interest

MPIO support

This is a project for using Digitalway/Adtec digital audio player MPIO (DMG, DMG+, DMK, DME, FD100, FL100) under Linux. It provides Linux kernel module driver, userspace library and utility.


J3DME provides fast simple 3D rendering capabilities for small devices running Java. The engine will support wireframe and surface renderer. Supported UI rendering architectures are MIDP(J2ME), WABA, AWT and KJAVA.

Nocm - nsuers online community monitor: version final1.0

+++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++       NOCm: NSUers Online Community Monitor           Index       --=====--       1. About NOCm       2. Download NOCm       3. Running NOCm       4. Development       5. Contact       --=====--++++++++++++++++++++++++\t\t\t\t\t+++++++++++++++++++++++++      ....................      1. About NOCm      --------------------++++++++++++++++++++++++\t\t\t\t\t+++++++++++++++++++++++++NOCm stands for `NSUers Online Community Monitor`. It's task is to

Dme-socd2009 - Distributed Mutual Exclusion - SOCD 2009

Event driven framework for implementing mutual exclusion in distributed systems. It uses Linux real-time extensions, which allow signals to behave as message queues. Some algorithms area already implemented: lamport, ricart, singhal, suzuki.

Droid4me - Android application development framework

Welcome to the droid4me projectdroid4me is a framework library dedicated to the development of Android applications. What is droi4dme?droid4me addresses the following topics: Activity/Fragment life cycle: it attempts to turn the Activity/Fragment life cycle from something technical to something functional Centralized exception handling: whenever an exception is thrown during the application, it can be handled in a centralized and secure way Activity redirection: if an Activity should always be d

DME - DME project

DME project


A branch of the dme that is being internationalized; also a mirror of http://sourceforge.net/projects/dme/ (see svn branch)