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A Delphi TDataSet descendant for access to any MAPI container using a simple XML formatted query string (presently read-only). With the dataset are a number of useful MAPI utility functions for Delphi developers. Note development has ceased and the p



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Xfs-deduplication - XFS Deduplication Extensions

XFS Deduplication Extensions is my attempt to write extensions (or a patch) for XFS that implements on-the-fly data deduplication. Deduplication has become an IT industry buzz word, and for good reason. There are some great products out there for data deduplication, from some fairly well-known names in the storage industry, but I'd like to bring the possibility of on-the-fly, block-level data deduplication to the open source community, so that everyone can use it! With my limited experience I'm

dmapi - DMAPI library

DMAPI library

libjfsdm - IBM JFS DMAPI library


node-joker-dmapi - DMAPI client library for Node.js DMAPI client library for Node.js

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