Distributed Learning Project

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Distributed Learning Project is a web based platform that supports collaborative research through shared authorship, content aggregation, content cross referencing and group management tools. It is written in PHP and requires an SQL database.




Related Projects

Python-dlp - A library of tools which leverage FuXi and rdflib for various informatics tasks

FuXi has been moved to a new Google Code project: hg source python-dlp will mainly consist of applications built on top of FuXi and layercake: Agentem (an agent protocol for Semantic Web Architecture ) Telescope a RIF-BLD XML parser and serializer ClinicalOntologyModules (libraries for segmenting, aligning, and merging modules from reference clinical medicine terminology) Triclops (SPARQL server implemented as a Python library using Python Paste and wsgiutils as a WSGI application) Reference imp

Python-swdr - Semantic Web of Documents Repository

A WSGI-based Content Repository for Semantic Web and document processing applications that (mostly) conforms to the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services). It uses an OWL ontology to capture the formal semantics of an XML/RDF content repository, extending the document object in CMIS with first class XML objects (using the capabilities provided by Amara for implementation) and RDF datasets and rulesets (using capabilities provided by python-dlp). SWDR has an abstracted persistence la


SpillGuard is a Data Loss/Leak Prevention (DLP) plugin for Microsoft Office designed to help prevent the opening, saving or printing of Microsoft Office files containing classification markings higher than the classification of the user's computer.

Tsu-mccurdy-dlp-spectrophotometry - Project to use MATLAB as an interface for a Digital Light Projec

The goal of this project is to publish open source MATLAB code that will allow similar research groups to operate a Digital Light Projection (DLP) chip to perform multi-element spectrophotometry. Project is in the early alpha stages.

Linux-for-dlp - A live Linux distribution for taking distance learning online courses

This DLP Linux is a live Linux distribution sufficient for my students and hopefully others who take distance learning online courses. It's remastered from Quirky Linux 1.2 (http://bkhome.org/quirky/) with some software packages removed and a few others, such as partimage 0.6.8, GNU Emacs 23.1 with Perl inline scripting, Firefox 3.6.12, GeoGebra 3.2.45, and Java JRE, added. As a live distribution, DLP Linux does not require local installation. Users can start Linux from flash drive, por

Amule-dlp - Make DLP available for aMule

动��血�护动��血�护( DLP ),原为 eMule Xtreme Mod 的功能。本项目力图把 DLP 移�到 aMule. Dynamic Leech ProtectionDynamic Leech Protection(DLP) is a part of eMule Xtreme Mod at first. This project aim to make DLP available for aMule. 最新版本在�边有最新版本的�代�下载,�安装指�。 更多下载和帮助请看 Downloads 和 Wiki. Last ReleaseThe source of last release and Installation Guide is on the right. For more downloads or helps

Specialdlp - Strict DLP Chinese (SDC)

What is SDC?SDC是什么?Strict DLP Chinese (SDC) is a strict DLP based on the Official DLP. In addition to the Official DLP, SDC adds the eMule VeryCD Mod and easyMule (1) into the SoftBan list, because of GPL-breaker, private network, community leecher and another reasons. A HardBan in all version of SDC is VeryCD-EasyMule2-Mod 所有Strict DLP Chinese(以下简称SDC)�基于Xtreme官方DLP的严格版本。在Xtreme的官方DLP的基础上,SDC将VeryCD-Mod和VeryCD-EasyMule-Mod(

Emule-edit - eMule MODs的修改版本�翻譯語系�DLP等

這裡�供eMule MODs的修改版本�翻譯語系�DLP等,�Strict DLP Chinese的官方��。 注:部分文件由emulefans.com所上傳 Here we provide enhanced eMule Mods(based on official Mods), language packs, and DLPs. This is NOT official Strict DLP Chinese website. Note: some files are uploaded from emulefans.com

Snortdlp - an open source DLP solution utilizing snort

OverviewSnortDLP a.k.a. "Pig Pen" is an open source data loss prevention project that utilizes Snort to detect the exfiltration of sensitive data. FeaturesWeb based application Written in PHP and utilizes a MySQL backend for cross operating system portability Administrative login to protect unauthorized access Determines a unique fingerprint for free text individual documents each document in a repository of sensitive documents database tables (future) Supports plain text documents (including do