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Related Projects

Dlog-reasoner - DLog is a scalable DL ABox reasoner

The aim of the DLog 2 project is to develop a scalable Description Logic ABox Reasoner for the SROIQ language.

Dlog-parser - An efficient C++ based OWL 2 XML parser

This parser is part of the dlog-reasoner project, but developed as an independent product. The parser is fast, memory efficient and robust.


DLOG4J provide a full-featured, cross-platform, multi-database, wap-supported blog software, based on JSP/Servlet.

DLOG - Compiler implementation of a query language DLOG/

Compiler implementation of a query language DLOG/

dlogmon - dlog monitor

dlog monitor

dlog - Logging for developers

Logging for developers

DLog - DLog Macro for printf (C/C++) & NSLog (Objective-C/C++)

DLog Macro for printf (C/C++) & NSLog (Objective-C/C++)

dlog - Daily Log Controlling Scripts

Daily Log Controlling Scripts

dlog - distributed log system

distributed log system

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