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Related Projects

K-sat-solvers - Implementation of algorithms to solve k-SAT in Java

A project for modern heuristic techniques at Warsaw University of Technology. Comparison of different algorithms used to solve k-SAT problem. Implementation of DLM method based on the paper by Yi Shang and Benjamin W. Wah: "Improving the Performance of Discrete Lagrange-Multiplier Search for Solving Hard SAT Problems". uses: http://code.google.com/p/aima-java/


Open Distributed Locking Manager

UDF-DLM: IDL interface for UDF format

Interface to allow access to UDF datasets from within IDL

Rathaxes - Rathaxes, a DSL for driver developement

rathaxesRathaxes is a DSL (domain specific language) which will allow to describe the driver completely.more... motivationsAccording to recent studies, up to 70% of an operating system's code is driver code. This code is often quite technical, very close to hardware, and up to 7 times more bug-prone than normal code. Rathaxes allow you to describe easily interactions between the kernel and low level registries. sample of a serial driverDEVICE rs232{\tREGISTER(R) BIT[8] rcv_buff LIKE(........) @(

He-arc-inf - Relevé semi-automatique de compteurs d’énergie

Buts du projet: Le but de ce projet est développer un système permettant de simplifier le relevé des compteurs d’énergie. Actuellement, l’opérateur qui se déplace d’habitations en habitations doit relever ma-nuellement la valeur des compteurs. Le système à développer va simplifier sa tâche en automa-tisant la saisie des mesures et le stockage dans une base de données. Application : Le système final sera implémenté sur un PC portable et sur un système embarqué. Le système e

Uxp1aproj - projekt na UXP1A

DLM zrealizowany za pomocÄ… FIFO

Vc6cpwrocks - pw:1 Scriptable OpenGL animation of B-surfaces as triangles in real time using 24bit t

vc6cpwRocks.zip password:1 In a script, (one is given: r.l) Define coordinate systems Define points on those c.systems Define lines - splines on those ponits Define B-surfaces on those splines Move the c.systems which will move all content on them See it in real time. Rename .exf to .exe, Rename .dlm to .dll, scan it for viruses, if found none: run it! May contact me, Karoly jr., Stanyo on skar77@gmail.com to write a promoting OpenGL animation in CPW. Source code included. This is a freeware, op

Xsa-ng - visualization plugin for the x-plane flight simulator

3D visualization plugin for the x-plane flight simulator. Newsbuild 49 released 2/5/2011This release adds some tweaks to the size of the 3D text and glyphs. it is also my first OSX release. Installing the plugin.Download one of the XPL files for your platform. r49 *Windows* r49 *Mac x86* Linux (Coming Soon) Check for, and delete any old copies of the plugin, before copying the new one into place. The file names in the download section will change between versions. Having two or more version of t