dlibrary: A Distributed Searchable Cache

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A distributed, searchable web proxy cache, focusing on disconnected or very slow operation for Internet cafes and libraries in developing countries.




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Csat - Small C# 3D-library

CSat is a small C# Open Source 3D-library, using OpenTK (C# binding to the OpenGL API). OS: windows, linux, osx Req: at least OpenGL 1.5, but then one have no shaders, fbo etc. Features:should work on GL1.5, GL2, GL3 loads .scene -file (ogre3d fileformat) and setups meshes, lights and camera loads simple .mesh.xml (no animation) and .material files (ogre3d fileformats) loads animated md5-models (doom3 fileformat) loads jpg, png and dds files VBO FBO bitmapFonts billboards skybox camera frustum c

Open3dlibrary - one 3D Render and utility practice library

My3DLib is a freedom utility library. My3DLib the mostly object is finish any about d3d9 and opengl of the render or game develop features. This library is a practice library. Now the library important task is develop basic parts, for example math lib, render window, scene manage, finally make the scene manage by way of the important.

Flash-3d - Flash-3D its an open-source code, for making 3Ds with Flash CS4++ Resources only

Flash 3D its an open-source code for making 3Ds with Flash CS4++ Resources only, the final swf file size is really lowered compared with another engines. With that you can make banners with 20kb and using the Flash CS4++ and Plus with the GPU Features of FP10, managing an really good quality and speed for low profile computers. OBS.: Its not a lame, i have removed the tabs in order to do a first release soon, only created the project now to preserve the name, tnx for your time!

dlibrary - Books and readers manager

Books and readers manager

DH3DLibrary - JavaScript Libary for WebGL

JavaScript Libary for WebGL


My attempt at making my own cocos2d-iphone helper library stuff...things may be messy or have bad style(e.g: overuse of class/convenience methods), but at the end of the day, it's all about building a product!