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Dlab is an open-source cooperative effort to produce the best possible SDL-based classic arcade game. The people involved are all computer science students attending a programming course for interactive and multimedia intensive applications.




Related Projects

Ict4dlab - Code repository for projects on Information and Communications Technology for Development

This project is a repository for tools for creating new projects on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for Development. It was originally started to support MIT D-Lab ICT4D course this Spring 2008. Please contact Luis Sarmenta for more information.

Rathaxes - Rathaxes, a DSL for driver developement

rathaxesRathaxes is a DSL (domain specific language) which will allow to describe the driver completely.more... motivationsAccording to recent studies, up to 70% of an operating system's code is driver code. This code is often quite technical, very close to hardware, and up to 7 times more bug-prone than normal code. Rathaxes allow you to describe easily interactions between the kernel and low level registries. sample of a serial driverDEVICE rs232{\tREGISTER(R) BIT[8] rcv_buff LIKE(........) @(

dlab-report - Reports abt dlab usage

Reports abt dlab usage

2dlabs_demo - Demonstração do 2dlabs

Demonstração do 2dlabs

specerija - specerija d-labs

specerija d-labs


dlabs 10k app

Dlive-Airo - Dlabs wireless pentesting distribution

Dlabs wireless pentesting distribution


D-LABS Object Close Graphic Library