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DJMix is an API for mixing sounds like MP3's files. A QT interface is provided as a first demo of realtime capacity of API (mixing,volume set, respeed, scratch, dj-rewind, sound section management).



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GDAM is real-time music remixing, production and dj-mixing software. Features client-server architecture, plugins, multiple devices, multiple mp3s, filtering, looping, sequencing, libglade-based (xml) guis, online help, midi.

Djmixed - a python extension for spss to facilitate the use of mixed models

updated 29 Aug 2011 IntroductionThis is a python extension for SPSS to facilitate the use of mixed models. Mixed models are powerful, modern regression models that can handle multiple random effects (random factors) in one model. They are therefore a natural solution to a common problem in the psychology of language (psycholinguistics): How to analyse data which has a random effect for participants (subjects) and a random effect for items (words)? A paper on this extension has been published in