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Djmaputils - Perl utilities for Dynojet PowerCommander map files

SummaryPerl functions/utilities that read Dynojet Power Commander map files (.djm, .pvm) and produce colorized bitmaps and/or html pages. The utilities can be used as a way to convert between PC3 and PC5 files (PC5 fuel maps have an extra column). This project is under construction.

Djm-td - lalalillalou


Skf-vst - Single Knob Filter VST effect

Single Knob Filter VST Are you a laptop DJ? Do you love the filter on the Pioneer DJM-800 mixer? Then this plugin is for you! SKF, as the name implies, is a low-pass / high-pass filter controlled by a single knob. Besides the obvious economy in knob assignment real-estate (come on, not everyone has a Drehbank!), it's perfect for filtersweeps that make everybody on the floor put their hands in the air... you know, like they just don't care. InstallationSKF is a standard VST effect that comes in a


Utilites to get a new OS install ready for test or development

djm - Django aliases

Django aliases

HiLoFilter - Dual Hi/Lo pass filter, similar to those found in Pioneer DJM mixers

Dual Hi/Lo pass filter, similar to those found in Pioneer DJM mixers

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