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1024cms - 1024 CMS is an Ajax, PHP, MySQL Powered System

1024 is a PHP, MySQL based Content Management System. 1024 is one of a few CMS's leading the way with the implementation of the AJAX technology into all its areas. This includes dynamic adminstration and user interaction. 1024 offers you to ability to set up your own community forums, download area, news posts, member management and more. What your site does is up to you, you can control whats in and whats out. From the web based installation to setting up your web site moderators, the 1024 syst

mbldr (Master Boot LoaDeR)

mbldr is a boot loader which fits into first sector of an HDD (MBR). It allows to choose which partition to boot and is intended to replace an MBR coming with DOS/Windows (fdisk /mbr). It may boot OSes above 1024cyl, Linux/BSD are also supported.

Fstest - Random file access test

Test filesystem (for example, fusecompress) for errors in implementing random file access. It writes and reads random blocks of random lengths at random locations, and verifies XOR sums at the end of operation. $ fstestfstest filename [size] [iterations] [max_blocksize] [max_chainlen] [random_source] [fsync_part] Test filesystem (like fusecompress) for failures, Version 0.1.3 Max_blobksize in bytes, max_chainlen and iterations is integer, filename and random_source is a string fsync_part is inte


a client-side web framework in 1,024 bytes

Soapquest - A small, easily modifiable, tile-based Java game based on item interaction.

"You can't use a rabbit on a rabbit." SoapQuest 1024 is a small game I decided to write after reading "20 Open World Games" on Gamasutra and coming across "Adventure". It's a very simple tile-based game written in 1024 lines of Java. You can wander around the place, picking things up and using them on other things by walking into them. Day and night happen, and at night you need light sources to see properly. Play around. Try to make: fire, soap, dinner, a house... Civilisation! You can save the

Virtual IP Linux Kernel Patch

Patch for Linux Kernel (branch 2.4) for skiping capability of binding port less of 1024, setuid, setgid and chroot.


CRC Generator is a command-line application that generates Verilog or VHDL code for CRC of any data width between 1 and 1024 and polynomial width between 1 and 1024. The code is written in C for Win32, bus easily portable for other platforms

Cisco7925g-eap-tls-deployment - Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7925G - Deployment tool for EAP-TLS Certific

IntroductionI needed a tool to deploy 1000 wireless phones RequirementsThe requirements to deploy Cisco 7925g is: A lot of Cisco 7925G's :) Perl 5 LWP 5.64 HTTP::Request::Common Net::Ping Subseven Wireless network - SSID: Cisco, no authetication nor encryption On host running DHCP, and the Perl script OpenSSL for building certificats ... the certs/Makefile can build both the CA and RADIUS server certificate. Installationuser@workstation:~/phones/certs$ make allopenssl dhparam -out dh 1024Generat

Jpasskeeper - Platform independend password manager

Easy to use password manager program written in Java. Runs on all platforms with installed Java Runtime Environment version 6 or higher (Windows, Linux, Mac). Database is protected by very strong symmetric 1024 bit encryption with cipher cascade AES-Serpent-Twofish-CAST6. Database can be saved into local files or to any email POP3/SMTP account. Saving database to an email account allows you to manage your passwords from any place with internet access. FeaturesRuns everywhere with Java(tm) Enviro