DIY Framework

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It is an open-source web application framework based on object-oriented PHP 5, MySQL, and XSLT. Designed following MVC architecture and REST principles.



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bespoke.js - DIY Presentation Micro-Framework

DIY Presentation Micro-Framework

Openami - openAMI (open source home-automation)

openAMI(a open source ambient intelligence/home automation framework) IntroductionThe openAMI project aims to become a flexible and highly customizable ambient intelligence and home automation solution built completely using free software, off the shelf hardware and DIY electronics. GoalsOur final goal is to provide two different frameworks: a Homeautomation Framework to provide execution and communication- as well as physical infrastructure in a smarthome environment. an Ambient-Intelligence Fr

Diy-layout-creator - Free multi-platform electronic schematic, layout and guitar wiring diagram edit

Announcement DIYLC is provided free of charge and can be used and redistributed freely. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to build and maintain it, as well as to respond to all your questions and feature requests. Time I could have spent doing stuff that pays, playing guitar or simply enjoying my free time. If you find DIYLC useful and want to support the project, please consider making a small PayPal donation. Every little bit counts!

Ezpx-photoblog - full featured photoblog system (PHP, MySQL)

EZPX 1.2 beta - now with flickr modeNew features: flickr mode: just set your flickr user id and your flickr photos are displayed in EZPX RSS feed image gallery link related to uploaded photo photoblog title in settings create resized image on-the-fly (optional) hierarchical pages layout settings introduced photo view is saved to DB settings Check out the full feature list About EZPXEZPX is a lightweight yet full featured photoblog system based on Codeigniter application framework. It was written

Freedomotic - Distributed Building and Home Automation Framework

Freedomotic is an open source building and home automation software written in Java. The aim of the project is to build a data mashup oriented building automation framework for seamless integration of building and home automation technologies, mobile, web and social networks. Freedomotic leverages modern distributed computing architectures, and provides crosslanguage APIs for extension. How it worksFreedomotic supports popular building automation technologies like BTicino OpenWebNet, KNX, Modbus

DIY Brewery Temperature Logger

.NET Micro Framework project that provides a web-based interface for a Netduino based temperature monitoring circuit.

Eyetracker - Eye Tracker Implementation in ANSI-C using OpenCV 2.1 and SDL 1.3

Important UpdateThis code is being reworked to meet the following criteria: Software should be run as a background process Software should have the ability to have front-end services for calibration and configuration achieved via local network interface Software should not require it's own GUI software Software should not require complex/diy hardware Because of the considerable updates, I am removing all the download links (as of Jan 11, 2011), in light of the forth-coming new api. Please be pat

Woolooloo - An open source framework on top of the reacTIVision project to allow for higher-level pr

Tacchi is a project written in Java that combines the multi-touch/fiducial recognition functionality of the opensource reacTIVision (, and Community Core Vision ( projects with the strength of Supercollider ( in the form of JCollider ( and the strength of the Java 2D libraries to allow for an opensource alternative to the Reactable ( The project will

Lnmultipilot10 - An Electronic Mems Board develop to support Arduino community project.

Check the news about the new board at This is an italian project that support the porting of different kind of arduino fly application and library to Multipilot Framework. Visit the FoxTeam Community Network for meet the member of Team : Join FoxTeam Clan :) Shop : For contact me and more info about the project add virtualrobotix to your skype contact. Official Supported Project : Aeroquad 2.0

Cui32 - A DIY USB interface with a PIC32 microcontroller

The CUI32 is a new version of the CREATE USB Interface, based on a 32-bit PIC microcontroller. The CUI32 homepage, forum, and community blog is here: and you can buy a CUI32 board for $39.95 (less in quantity) here: The board can be powered by USB, or by a battery / external supply, and the prototyping section of the board can be broken-off in order to make the size smaller if desired. The CUI32 ship