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An RPG creation kit based on VERGE.




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Flint-sharp - C# Particle System

Flint sharpe is the C# port of the Flint Particle System. This project has started as a straightforward port of Flint but may diverge to cater to the different requirements and capabilities of the C# platform. Flint is an open-source project to create a versatile particle system in Actionscript 3. The aim is to create a library that handles the common functionality for all particle systems, has methods for common particle behaviours, and lets developers extend it easily with their own custom beh

Bpopsim - Tool for running asexual biological population simulations

This program runs a biological population simulation based on a novel algorithm to choose cells for mutation. It keeps track of an asexual population of evolving cells based on fitness and lineage. The program calculates genotype frequencies on the fly. After the simulation, currently there are options to output the raw genotype frequencies, generate a muller matrix file for plotting, and calculating the max divergence between adjacent sweeping mutations. More calculations are being added. If yo

Raspf - A port of PySPF to C

There are no good, maintained C libraries to handle SPF in UNIX. There is a good Python one. So, let's port it! The current status is: it's ready for testing, but probably not for production use, until it's tested some more. - It works like PySPF ( no divergences in over 350 tests). - It's compliant: It passes 100% of the official SPF Test Suite (with two warnings). - It's memory leak free. Ok, not really, but it has no leaks on any of the over 400 tests it runs. There are a couple of places whe

Gedit-line-ending-style-plugin - Gedit 2 plugin that allows the line ending style of documents to be

This project has moved!The plugin has been updated for Gedit 3. Please see https://github.com/dtrebbien/gedit-line-ending-style-plugin/ for more information. Line Ending Style is a plugin for Gedit (version 2.29.5 or later) that allows the line ending style of documents to be quickly ascertained and changed. It was originally based off of the Newline Madness plugin by Jeffery To, but has since diverged quite considerably in implementation. Usage The plugin shows the current line ending style in

Scheme-compiladores - Creation of the grammar of a compiler

Scheme is one of the two main dialects of the programming language Lisp. Unlike Common Lisp, the other main dialect, Scheme follows a minimalist design philosophy specifying a small standard core with powerful tools for language extension. Its compactness and elegance have made it popular with educators, language designers, programmers, implementors, and hobbyists. The language's diverse appeal is seen as a strong point, though the consequently wide divergence between implementations is seen as

Divergence - Our prototype for our game.

Divergence Online is a massively-multiplayer on-line roleplaying game being developed by Stainglass Llama.

Msbfinance - A personal finance accounting application that allows you to track, budget, report, and

A personal finance accounting application that focuses on: - Tracking banking, credit, and investment transactions - Budget planning - Reporting and Forecasting Most of the open source projects currently underway fail to cover all of these areas. The application will allow tracking transactions for an entire family in banking accounts (savings, checking), credit accounts (line of credit, credit card), loan accounts (simple loan, mortgages), investment accounts (brokerage, mutual fund). It will o

divergence - A HTTP proxy that lets you map subdomains to git branches for site testing

A HTTP proxy that lets you map subdomains to git branches for site testing


msBayes allows complex and flexible phylogeographic inference. More specifically, you can test the simultaneous divergence (TSD) of multiple population (species) pairs. It uses approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) under a hierarchical model.