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(Diver is in the process of being moved to GitHub. Please find us at https://github.com/thechiselgroup/Diver. Support requests amp; messages sent here may never be seen.) Dynamic Interactive Views For Reverse Engineering. Div/er is a set of Eclipse Plugins that aid developers in understanding software. It uses dynamic analysis and reverse engineering to offer views and filters that aid comprehension and discovery.




Related Projects

Scripts-fm - Divers scripts réutilisables

Divers scripts réutilisables.

Pydive - python dive software

open website project look at http://ediver.org more info will be avilable in the future

Wannagodive - divers website with c# webcontrols

The website and the webcontrols for a website with divelog, maps and other stuff. Community driven

Phototeque - Gestion de collection d'images

Logiciel de gestion de votre collection d'images. Classement automatique des images par date. Possibilité de classement par thème, lieu, événement. Outils divers pour photographes (FOV, timelapses, ...)

Jforca - Projeto JForca

Projeto desenvolvimento do jogo "Jogo da Forca", intitulado JForca. A proposta é utilizar os recursos de JQuery.

Freedeco - FreeDeco: educational decompression software using Gradient Factors and VPM

FreeDeco is a tool that abstracts the model from the business of using deco software. The widest range of options, settings, and profiles will be possible, in order to help educate divers on the possibilities and meaning of decompression diving.FreeDeco is intended strictly as a learning tool.For the record: Gradient Factors and VPM were both released to the public freely by Erik Baker. His wish (as stated on The Deco Stop) was for improvements to be free also.FreeDeco will use both GF and VPM i