Dive Into Python

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A free Python book for experienced programmers




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Diveintopython-ukrainian-translation - This is Ukrainian translation of the "Dive into Python&q

Hey, As you could guess this is an attempt to make Ukrainian translation of the great book about Python (we all appreciate Mark). Original version is in English and you can find at http://diveintopython.org Have a nice reading and pythoning.

Diveintopython-br - Tradução do livro "Dive Into Python" para o português

Dive Into Python é um livro sobre Python para programadores já experientes em alguma linguagem. Seguindo a licença GPL, esta é uma tradução do texto original, mantendo a licença, que garante que seu conteúdo continue sendo distribuido livremente.

Diveintopython3-russian - Russian translation of Mark Pilgrim's "Dive Into Python 3"

Проект по переводу книги Марка Пилгрима «Погружение в Python 3».

Pygooglesearch - PyGoogleSearch is a Web search that use Google's REST Web Service API

PyGoogleSearch is a Wrapper around Google's REST Web Service API. Author: Eric Johansson Instead of using the AJAX search that Google provides I also want to have a Python implementation. Because of this did I decide to develop a wrapper in python that makes it possible to make Google Searches through Python I have just programmed 2 hours on the project so this is an early alpha that cannot be used in any kind of application at the moment. How to use: Download pygooglesearch.py Download simplejs


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