The Dissect Framework

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The Dissect Framework: A flexible and extensible framework to setup and process data feeds from various feed sources. Its built totally in Java and can be used in J2SE or J2EE applications.



Related Projects

KNXnet/IP Wireshark dissector

Wireshark plugin for dissecting KNXnet/IP packages


Ettercap is a multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols (even ciphered ones) and includes many feature for network and host analysis. Development has been moved to GitHub,

Netdiff - Spot differences in capture dumps

This tool aims at spotting differences in several network traces. It merely relies on tshark/wirshark dissection to provide interesting differences instead of raw differences.


a python module to dissect network packets

Projecteuler-laszlo - My personal repository of (readable!) Project Euler solution code.

Considering that there are plenty of other places to get solutions for Project Euler problems, even in Java and here on Google Code, one might say that adding another one might not be very useful. However, I try to focus not so much on raw performance (although most test cases run in under a second), but more on the aspect of clearly dissecting each problem and explaining the solution, so that anyone (including myself) reading my code can easily understand it. This is a real challenge in itself,

Proxyshark - A tool designed to dissect and alter IP packets on-the-fly

This tool was created for audit purposes. The idea came from these debugging tools which act as HTTP proxies (Charles Proxy, Burp Suite, Paros, Web Scarab, etc). I was looking for a similar tool which could handle any protocol and pick up packets on-the-fly, modify them, fuzz some fields and re-inject them on the wire. In other words, some kind of Wireshark with real-time packet modification ability. Of course some tools already exist such as netsed, udpproxy and others, or even Scapy for layers

CDP Dissector

CDP Dissector is a plugin for Wireshark (the network protocol capture and analyzer tool) to dissect and analyze the UDP-based proprietary CDP protocol (Control Design Platform) from Industrial Control Design.

Python Packet Capture Library

Pycap provides the ability to capture packets from, and inject packets onto, network interfaces. It dissects commonly found structures in network packets such as Ethernet, IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP headers.

Mailanalyzer - DissectMail Project

This is the repository for the project DissectMail. Welcome and thank you for your cooperation. NomesSe você está procurando o projeto Mail Analyzer, este projeto mudou de nome para Dissect Mail devido a existência de um software com o mesmo nome. Pedimos desculpas pela inconveniência causada. SobreDissectMail é uma API em fase de desenvolvimento. Seu propósito é prover interação automática entre usuário e sistema através de mensagens. A API propõe interpretar uma mensagem e ir busc