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DiskImage is a tool to backup and restore partitions, entire harddisks, usb keys, floppy drives and (read-only) optical media on windows platforms. Built-in zip and libz compression, MD5 and SHA1 checksumming, a hex editor and more.




Related Projects

ZMG Properties

A tool for View and Edit Novell ZenWorks Image (.zmg) description data and hardware info. Simple, fast and useful when you sort or when you shall choose the correct diskimage.

Pyadf - Python ctypes module extension/wrapper around ADFlib "a free, portable and open impleme

pyadf is a pure python module (using ctypes) that allows access to Amiga disk images from Python it relies on ADFlib. pyadf provides: pyadf.adflib - ctypes wrapper on ADFlib - this was generated by ctypesgen pyadf - a Pythonic "easy" api to ADF images ADFlib is maintained by Laurent Clevy. For more details see http://lclevy.free.fr/adflib and http://sourceforge.net/projects/adflib pyadf currently targets Python 2.4-2.6, known to work with the CVS version of ADFlib version 0.7.10 and 0.7.11a (und

Iso-parser - A C# library for parsing ISO9660 format disk images

The purpose of this class library is to allow the parsing of ISO9660 format disk images and navigating the file system present in the image. The result is the ability to find the sector offset and length of file data within the disk image so that the file data can be read easily from that image. NOTE: We do not currently support any of the extensions to the ISO format, such as Joliet; nor does this code support other image formats, such as UDF.

Instadmg - InstaDMG allows for the programmatic creation of Mac OS X deployment images.

InstaDMG creates clean, never-booted ASR images for deploying MacOS X. It uses Apple's native installers, package formats, and disk image frameworks. The current version is capable of producing 10.5 through 10.7 images while booted from those respective OSs(10.4 should work when built on 10.5, but is not actively tested). The script is currently written in bash, but future version will move on to python. This site is primarily concerned with the development of InstaDMG. People looking for suppor

diskimage-builder - Image building tools for OpenStack

diskimage-builder is a flexible suite of components for building a wide-range of disk images, filesystem images and ramdisk images for use with OpenStack.

dib-gate - integration tests for diskimage-builder

integration tests for diskimage-builder

instack - A utility to run diskimage-builder elements in place on a running host

instack executes diskimage-builder style elements on the current system. This enables a current running system to have an element applied in the same way that diskimage-builder applies the element to an image build.


Perl interface to Per Olofsson's "diskimage.c", an ANSI C library for manipulating Commodore disk images written in C.

Bootloader-tester - Write a bootlodaer in asm(i8086), then make it diskimage to run!

Write a bootlodaer in asm(i8086), then make it diskimage to run!

instack-undercloud - A utility to run diskimage-builder undercloud elements on a running host

A utility to run diskimage-builder undercloud elements on a running host