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Using Random numbers, picks from various dishes to make a three course meal in one click.

Dobudish - DobuDish is a Java based Docbook framework

DobuDish is a Docbook publishing framework. It was designed with portability and extensibility in mind. DobuDish can run on any Windows or Unix platform that supports Java. The DobuDish framework is distributed under the GNU General Public License. The various parts of the DobuDish framework are distributed under their respective (free) licenses. The homepage of DobuDish is here: The DobuDish forum is here:

Ichef - a partial-order planner that can create a plan for preparing a dish

I, ChefI, Chef is a partial-order planner that can create a plan for preparing a dish, implemented as part of an artificial intelligence course (TIN171) at Chalmers University of Technology.

Jamun - Package manager for Fedora

Jamun is a sweet dish that makes you say... Yum! Jamun is not ready for prime time yet. Watch this space for updates. (There's an update feed available too)

Grecipes - A Chrome extension to import recipes to google docs.

gRecipe allows you to import your favorite recipes into Google Docs, making it easy to share and change your favorite dishes. You simply browse the recipes you love and the when gRecipe finds something it can import, the purple cow will appear next to the web address. With a quick click the recipe is automatically added as a Google Document. Get the extension here.

Randomdishes - order dishes from menu randomly

Description简介This software orders dishes from a predefined menu randomly. It's written in python 3.0 and Tkinter. 本程��以从预定义��中�机选择几��。它是用python 3.0和Tkinter写�的。 usage用法Install python 3.0 run foodorder_tk.pyw 安装 python 3.0 �行 foodorder_tk.pyw

Qtbugs - Genetic algorithm applied to assembly code in a simple environment

QtBugsThis program simulates a petri dish full of bugs - the bugs' DNA is used as a computer program to control their behavior and is recombined during reproduction to produce new bugs - with a small chance of mutation. They have the colors of nearby locations as inputs and their own color and direction of motion as outputs. A fixed amount of energy exists in the system to control the population. The bugs' behavior can be influenced by changing the distribution pattern of energy (food), as well

Arraylife - A virtual petri-dish program that contains mutating 'cells'

A Genetic life simulator based on a random-number generator contained within arrays. programed in the C language using PDCurses in Dev-C++, semi-compatible with NCurses under linux. See more info at:

cooldish cool dish

cooldish lowercase letters, digits, and dashes, with