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Discloser is a webjournal/blog written in PHP using MySQL. It has been designed to have a clean, easy to use interface allowing one or more people to maintain a blog with varying levels of access, and to allow multiple types of content.




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Healthcaretelemetry - Development of open standards for ambulatory and mobility aid telemetered syst

The aim of this working group is to help to define the open standards part of the proposed ambulatory and mobility aids telemetered systems. The projects involved were part of the AMAN2010 meeting at UCL and generated work from the POGO, PowerWheel and Brake Pedal projects. The development team will always be working in part under agreements that prevent certain information from being disclosed, but generally the move toward the adoption of de-facto standards should ultimately lead to the develo

Home-media-organizer - An application that stores informatin about home library of media, such as bo

The goal of this project is to create a media managment system that will incorporate the soft and the the hard media storage. The user should be able to store the name and location of any hard media and also keep track of media being borrowed. The soft media tracking on the other hand should not disclose information about the files location on the hard drive. Instead it should list the files, use tags for organizing them and make a copy of the file to the Desktop on user's demand

Kannada-twitter - A twitter client in Kannada language.

What is kannada-twitter?This is a Kannada interface for Twitter's API. It enables the users to use use Twitter in Kannada language. All menus, links, instructions and error messages in this application are in Kannada language. Features:It is an open source project. So you can use, modify and spread this with your friends at free of cost. Written in php Works on OAuth. So no need to disclose your twitter password. If MySQL user is enabled, then you can choose a password for kannada-twitter. So yo

Quixproc - Very Efficient Open Source XProc Implementation

QuiXProc is an open source implementation of XProc. We want QuiXProc to become a mainstream tool to process Structured and Unstructured Data, preserving high quality, high throughput, and low resources consumption. The Purpose (Mission)Keep it standard: we are close to implements full W3C XProc standard Keep it open: we will disclose the source with GPL Provide services: we will provides customization, training, support and optimization services Release often: we want our user base to have regul

docker - Docker - the open-source application container engine

Security is very important to us. If you have any issue regarding security, please disclose the information responsibly by sending an email to security@docker.com and not by creating a github issue.

Websecuritynotebook - Web Security Notebook

The Internet is one of the most pervasive technologies created in the last century. The hacker community knows about the web's reach and will take advantage of web application vulnerabilities. This cookbook web security project provides example tips, tools and utilities to aid against cross-site scripting attacks, injection attacks and other types of attacks. Note: we do not support illegal activity. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsProject ToolsBrowse SVN RepositoriesLegal IssuesResources Proj

Gag - Google Annotations Gallery

Google Annotations GalleryThe Google Annotations Gallery is an exciting new Java open source library that provides a rich set of annotations for developers to express themselves. Do you find the standard Java annotations dry and lackluster? Have you ever resorted to leaving messages to fellow developers with the @Deprecated annotation? Wouldn't you rather leave a @LOL or @Facepalm instead? If so, then this is the gallery for you. Not only can you leave expressive remarks in your code, you can us

Skbot-client - SKBot - the open source modified game client

SKBot is an immensely popular and successful bot for a Java MMORPG. The program source code is completely open and free - whether you're a Java expert or just keen to explore, the bot is a valuable learning resource. Legal note: the entire source code is freely available under the GPLv3 terms. Contrary to bogus and automated DMCA claims, no content is under the copyright of Jagex Ltd. The code is provided purely for educational purposes by the authors as freedom of expression. Terms and Conditio

Sc2world - SC2 GeoMap is the simple way of finding StarCraft 2 players all over the world.

A map where players voluntarily disclose their geographical location. Furthermore, SC2 GeoMaps wants to provide a visual representation of SC2 Players so that businesses, advertisers, and others who otherwise support eSports can better target their markets.