Device Interaction Suite

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A framework for interaction with networking devices from various vendors, over various transport mechanisms, and with various authentication schemes.



Related Projects


An open source implementation of the Distributed Interactive Simulation (IEEE-1278) standard in C++, C-Sharp, Objective-C, Java, Javascript and XML. Example applications including sending and receiving native DIS traffic, X-Plane plugin, and WebSocket/Javascript/WebGL applications. See the individual code directories for each package of interest.

FRODO: An Open-Source Framework for DCOP

FRODO is a Java platform to solve Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems (DisCSPs) and Optimization Problems (DCOPs). It provides implementations for a variety of algorithms, including DPOP (and its variants), ADOPT, SynchBB, DSA...

Dis-is - Distributed Information Services

The project's vision is that local information sources (files, images, or just data on my PC) should be as easy to distribute as they were in a hosted public server. Dis-IS uses GData protocol and format to build a SOA of information services.

Raredisss - RareDisSS - Rare Diseases Decision Support System

The RareDisSS Project (Rare Diseases decision Support System) is an attempt at developing a search engine specialized on providing results related to rare diseases. The search engine is to be used by the physician when suspecting a rare disease diagnosis for his patient. The results will be based on articles and case reports published in medical journals, reports collected and maintained by rare disease organizations, as well as web-based medical reference resources. Read our wiki for more detai

RABCDAsm - Robust ABC (ActionScript Bytecode) [Dis-]Assembler

Robust ABC (ActionScript Bytecode) [Dis-]Assembler

Disorder - Multi-user software jukebox

DisOrder is a software jukebox designed for multi-user environments. It allows users to pick music tracks for play from a shared collection. When nobody has picked anything, it can play randomly picked tracks instead. There are two main user interfaces: a web interface and a GTK+ client called Disobedience. The latter is somewhat more sophisticated but only runs on UNIX-like systems; however most features are supported by both interfaces. Tracks can be selected either by navigating through the d

Lineagesequencediscovery - LSD - Lineage Sequence Discovery

IntroductionLineage Sequence Discovery is program made in Perl, using the Gtk2+ toolkit, that aims to simplify the discovery of patterns within biological sequences. This project is being made under the context of an integration in research grant, sponsored by the FCT. Diogo Costa, who received the grant, is working on the project under the supervision of Jorge Vieira and Nuno Fonseca at Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular (IBMC). Some external tools are used: SigDis, by Nuno Fonseca, is u

DisAsterisk - Asterisk Mayhem Plugin

DisAsterisk is an Asterisk plug-in which implements many functions useful to security researchers and quality assurance engineers. Some functions include VoIP protocol fuzzers and an implementation of steganRTP.