DirectX Remover

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Lets you uninstall DirectX 1.x - 8.x including bogus or beta installations from your computer and than re-install a current or an earlier versions. Use with caution!



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Delphi-directx-isometric-2dmmorpg - MMORPG Built in Delphi / DirectX

This code is built in Delphi 7 and is based on the the Legend of Mir 2 emulater. Our plan is to strip out the Mir propriotry code leaving an open source MMORPG client and server. First tasks are to remove all copyrighted graphics content and enable normal file formats instead of the customised .wil that is currently in use.

Lean-cpp-lib - A lean C++ library providing efficient utility classes for high-performance C++ appli

AboutLean C++ library is a compact library providing efficient utility classes such as accelerated STL container wrappers, liberal near-to-zero-overhead strong and weak resource pointers working with intrusive and atomic reference counting, smart COM pointers, polymorphic objects with value semantics, opaque value types allowing for the implementation of type-safe thin wrappers without necessarily imposing the heavy dependencies that might be involved on all interface users, etc. NewsAPI documen

Csdxwaveprog - C# Direct-X wave simulation program

Watch the Demonstration Video [ This program is no longer under development and is not being maintained. However, the full source code for this program can be found here: The binary installation for Windows platforms can be downloaded here: The file is a .zip archive containing a Mic

Gimp-dds - A plugin for GIMP that provides support for the DDS image format

GIMP DDS PluginContentsOverview Features TODO Downloads Changes Screenshots OverviewThis is a plugin for GIMP version 2.6.x. It allows you to load and save images in the Direct Draw Surface (DDS) format. FeaturesLoad/save DDS files, optionally using DirectX texture compression (DXT) Optional automatic mipmap generation when saving Load mipmaps into separate layers Load cube map faces and volume map slices into separate layers Save cube maps and volume maps with automatic mipmap generation suppor

D3dx9-dynamic-load - dynamic usage d3dx9 dll

A class to dynamically load and use of functional D3DX9 DLL. You can often hear (read) about the fact that the use of d3dx9 dll in the project is problematic because of version conflicts. That is, if you start the application you want is not his version of the d3dx9 dll, it will not be able to start and will throws message that such and such dll was not found. Part of the problem can be solved by not using static d3dx9, but dynamic. One of the benefits of this approach is that the application is

Glintercept - OpenGL call interceptor/logger

AboutGLIntercept is a OpenGL function call interceptor for Windows that will intercept and log all OpenGL calls. Basic usageSelect the version of GLIntercept right for the application being debugged (x86 or x64) - Note you select the version of GLIntercept based on if the application is x86 or x64 (64bit) - not if the operating system is 64 bit. Then after installation, simply copy the opengl32.dll and a gliConfig.ini file from the install directory to the executable folder of the application yo

Flashx - Flash API

FlashXCore - 10% Math - 40% Graphics - 15% Network - 0% Input - 5% Content - 5% GUI - 0% FlashX is an advanced API for Adobe Flash written in ActionScript (currently AS3). Unlike other Flash graphics libraries, FlashX is easy to use, and easy to improve. FlashX's structure is well thought out to be powerful, scalable, extensible, and compact, while maintaining readability. FlashX provides a lot of shortcuts and shorthand. FlashX tries not to rely on certain parts of the standard Flash API. The s