DirectShow .NET

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.NET c# directshow lib, capture and playback using c# and directshow



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Set-top-box - Ultimate PVR for Windows

Digital TV viewer and recorder for Windows, built in C# and using

WebCam control for WPF

Reusable WPF control to display high frame rate video such as WebCam or framegrabber DirectShow output. This control uses InteropBitmap introduced in .NET framework 3.5 and managed DirectShow P/Invoke. This control does not uses library, so it's completely imdep...

Mymediaplayerdotnet - Play and organise your media collection.

Play and organise your media collection. Supports mp3, m4a, aac, jpg, png, gif, avi, wmv, mpg and others. This media player support playing of music, video and images. This is all thanks to the following libraries:- Un4seen's Bass.Net audio library - Microsoft's DirectShow.Net - Microsoft's GDI+ - Microsoft's .Net Framework 3.5 -


SharpVideo is a video editing package written in C# using the .NET Framework and the sourceforge DirectShowNet library. SharpVideo supports timeline based editing functionality with support for DirectShow transitions and effects.

405sentry - ECEN 405 Sentry Gun

This is the code needed to interface between the Maxstream Xbee 2.5 series controllers and a host PC to control a sentry gun created by us for our Spring 2008 ECEN 405 senior design project at Texas A&M University. We are using Andrew Kirillov's excellent AForge.NET C# framework to handle motion detection in our video stream, part of which was heavily modified by us and integrated with other portions of DShowNET to support devices with multiple video inputs and to handle YUYV color space streams

Intruderdetection-ddqre - intruderdetection

Introduction This article shows you how to use video and sound information to detect intruder. Image data and sound data are continually collected from the environment respectively through webcam and microphone. Once the conditions of surrounding environment is changing, Corresponding alarm will be raised immediately. The package contains: DirectShowLib: Manipulate the webcam, grab images. I have wrapped functions related to IntruderDetection in class CManipulateWebcam. More information about Di

FsDirectShow - DirectShow.NET for F#

DirectShow.NET for F#

Splicer - Library allowing the splicing/encoding and frame analysis of video via DirectShow.Net

Library allowing the splicing/encoding and frame analysis of video via DirectShow.Net


Fork of DirectShowNet. It may be abandoned? Hasn't been touched on in 2+ years and I needed to a change to AXExtend.cs. I'll continue to try to get an updated drop of the original, but I'll keep this fork if the original goes away.