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Directory2Rss scans a list of files under a given set of directories and writes the output to a Rss feed which can be published on the web. When it is run again it checks for new files and writes the addition to the Rss feed. Great for monitoring directories for additions.



Related Projects

Phprssdir - Provides the directory contents as an RSS 2.0 feed.

This script, when run from a directory containing files, will provide an RSS 2.0 feed that contains the list and modification times for all the files. If you have a folder on your server with files that you want to share, you can use this script to provide an RSS feed to your users instead of a plain simple directory listing. Being an RSS feed with modification times, it also allows users to be notified of new items as and when you put them. The script is based on a simple directory listing scri

Terd - Torrent Episode RSS Downloader

TERDDescriptionUsing Python 2.5.2 and a MySQL database to store the back end information, you can have a customizable, powerful torrent episode downloader that also interfaces with Torrentflux, or downloads all the torrent files to a specified directory. It leverages feeds from TVRSS RSS search based feeds.

Torrent-search-and-download-from-rss-titles - Allows for a automatic torrent search and download bas

Supply:Torrent Site to search on (Btjunkie or Piratebay). The RSS feed to pull titles from ( Pitchfork's Best New Albums : ) Path to where the .torrent files will be downloaded. Number of RSS items to parse. Get:.torrent files downloaded to a specific directory. bold*This is best used with a torrent client that will look in a folder for .torrent files. (rtorrent)bold

Rssgen - Generate RSS from HTML pages

Generate RSS data from HTML pages using patterns. FeaturesGenerate RSS 2.0. Use java-pattern syntax to parse HTML pages. Admin Web GUI to manage rss generators (in development) Generate web links for created RSS feeds. For example: http://localhost/rssgen?id=1 Regenerate RSS feeds after application redeployment or restart of web container. Generate following parts of rss-items: title link guid description Regenerate RSS from HTML within specified period. How To InstallCreate database in mysql. R

Threadbuddy - An ajaxy threaded discussion tool in a single PHP file that uses efficient flat-file s

About The ThreadbuddyThe Threadbuddy is a simple, full featured, single file threaded discussion tool that ideally uses wildcard DNS, so you can pick your own discussion URL. The thread is tied to the * URL that you choose, so there are endless open "channels" to use. The thread buddy is search engine friendly since it has an integrated plaintext and rss feed. Also, the thread buddy can easily be integrated into any site. Demo Also, check it out in full scree

Phpfeeder - Simple Collection of PHP-Scripts to create your own News-Feed.

The phpFeeder is a small collection of script that allows anyone who has a web-server with PHP support and an mySQL-Database to add a news-feed-feature to their website. Just upload the the directory to your server make sure it's write-able and open the news.php-File. Everything else will be done by the script. What the script does in detail: 1. Installation process. Setup of your news-feed and connection to your database. 2. Administration for your news-feed. 3. Publishing of you news-feed. a)

Feeds2fb2 - RSS/Atom feeds to fb2 book converter

feeds2fb2 is looking for developersSummaryConverting RSS feeds (taking from OPML file or simple text file with list inside) into fb2 book/books. fb2 books can be easily viewed on LBook V3 (Hanlin V3) reader, etc feeds2fb2 converter has a few options - images in posts can be enabled/disabled, output file can be zipped or not, etc. NOTE:feeds2fb2 is not in development now because I don't (as it's owner) have time for it. if you want to commit fixes I would be glad to add you as a commiter for feed

Rssdler - RSS Broadcatcher for podcasts, videocasts, and torrent feeds

RSSDlerA utility to automatically download enclosures and other objects linked to from various types of RSS feeds. Works well on podcasts, videocasts, and torrents. Features include:filtering using regular expressions and/or file size global, feed, and filter based download locations can run in the background (at least on GNU/Linux) like a daemon various logging and verbosity levels support for sites protected with cookies (LWP/MSIE/Mozilla/Safari/Firefox3) global and feed scan times respects 't

Rrssdl - Ruby RSS Downloader

What is rrssdlThis is just a simple yet powerful ruby system that allows for downloading the link tag in an RSS feed item. The main trunk source is actually the TV Show variant (which is what i have built first), however, it would be easy to branch the code to handle other types of RSS feeds. Why rrssdlrrssdl was created with the intention of using it in combination with the rTorrent client (however this would work equally as well with transmission or any other client that can watch a directory)

Jsonbot - The JSON Bot

Welcome to JSONBOTJSONBOT is a remote event-driven framework for building bots that talk JSON to each other over XMPP. This distribution provides bots built on this framework for console, IRC, XMPP, Convore and WWW on the shell. the jsb pakage contains the following programs: jsb - console version of jsb jsb-convore - Convore version of jsb jsb-makecert - create keys and certifictes for web console SSL jsb-init - create data directory and config examples, default ~/.jsb jsb-irc - IRC version of