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Generates an XML document from a directory structure.




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Msnmerge - A simple tool to merge MSN chat history

This is a simple tool to merge MSN chat logs in two directories: 1) MSN chat logs with distinct filenames are directly copied to output dir. 2) MSN chat logs with same filenames are merged and ordered by date&time, to output dir. 3) Only XML chat log files will be processed. 4) This tool is written in 3 days for me to learn C# and XML, limited test has been done. 5) Please backup your chat logs first, users are at their own risk of using this tool.

Bspell - source code spell checking

bSpell is used for checking the spelling of the source code, including java, xml, properties, etc. ANT Taskit includes an ant task <bspell>\t<configuration spellCheckConfig="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/spellCheck.config"\t\t format="console"\t\t dictionary="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/english.jar"\t\t reservedDict="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/reserved.dict"\t\t registry="${fant.etc.dir}/bspell/registry.txt"/>\t<fileset dir="${src.main.java.dir}" includes="**/*.java **/*.properties"/>\t<fileset dir="${src.main.

Lrf-epub-tools - Convert LRF (Sony BeBB) files to EPUB, PDF, RTF, and HTML. Also converts PDF and DO

Track info about this at forum http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28707 Usage: java -Xms200M -Xmx300M -jar LRFTools-vx.y.z.jar action (params) Note: Java VM gets 200MB minimun, 300 maximun memory to work. If you plan to convert only a few books, you can reduce significantly these values (40,60). Actions: 1) convertLRF dir (-d dirOut |-z zipfile) (-XML|-PDF|-RTF|-HTML|-EPUB) (options) \t Converts to XML, PDF, RTF and/or HTML every LRF file in 'dir' recursively. You can specify more

Javascript-test-maven-plugin - Screw-Unit javscript unit-testing integration for Maven

Maven integration for Screw-UnitThis plugin executes one or more Screw-Unit (http://github.com/nkallen/screw-unit) test suites in the test phase of a maven build. It uses env.js and Rhino to create a simulated browser environment within maven, executes screw-unit test suites. It then analyses the results and spools off the results in JUnit xml format for proper integration into the maven test lifecycle. The goal of the project is to facilitate continuous integration of JavaScript testing in Mave

Gml-extractor - Open Source General Markup Language Extractor for Java

GML-Extractor can extract any data from XML, SGML or HTML with little coding work. If you want to extract some data from XML, SGML or HTML, but do not want build a tree in memory as DOM4j, and do not want to write so much code as SAX. This tool will help you! SampleXML ExampleHere is an example, like down-below:(example.xml) This XML contains three papers, each paper has properties as id, title, author and abstract. With this tool, you can exctract them one by one. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="

Preprocessor - Preprocessor - A Preprocess Tool for Java

Preprocessor - A Preprocess Tool for JavaWelcome!Welcome to the Preprocessor project! FeaturesIt based on ant copy task. supports the following files: Java/JSP HTML/javascript/CSS XML Properties files supports file encoding specified supports filtering Sample.java //#ifdef CUSTOMER1private String abc = "abc";//#elseprivate String abc = "cba";//#endifbuild.xml <project name="sample.project" default="war" basedir=".">\t<!-- Initialize -->\t<!-- Pre-processor output directory -->\t<property name="t

Fant - ant project with maven style

Code Status Why fAnt?Best practiceDefine your own project layout, for Java, we use the one suggested by Maven2 Examples: > ant layout # will create src/main/java, src/main/resources etc. directoriesEasy to useBuild systems are not easy, they're actually quite complicated, however it should be easy to use, easy to maintain. Ant is OK, but it doesn't have the convention, it doesn't support the sub modules, it doesn't have dependency management, but it's easy to use, with no major learning curve. M

Combine-resources-filter - Java filter to combine css and javascript declarations in the response HE

Java filter to combine css and javascript declarations in the response HEAD-section, also handles combined files minification. How to setup dependency?Use the following maven 2 settings to setup combine-resources-filter dependency: <repositories> <repository> <id>combine-resources-filter</id> <url>http://combine-resources-filter.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/repo/</url> </repository> </repositories> ... <dependencies> ... <dependency> <groupId>com.codeforces.filter</groupId> <artifactId>combine-resou

Traviancompanion - Travian Companion Selenium Edition

Travian Companion assists a Travian game player one-on-one. In the Travian game, a player's resources or armies can only be delivered in a specific time. Most of the other time, the player is just waiting, waiting, and waiting. When the player has a companion, the companion will take over all the boring tasks. The player has the ability to focus on designing a strategic goal and pursue that goal. The goal can be building a level 10 crop field, destroying the enemies, helping allies, attacking WW

Ifc-dotnet - A .Net library for working with IFC data

Ifc-dotnet is a library which provides .Net classes and serializers/deserializers for working with Industry Foundation Classes. Ifc-dotnet is very much in Alpha stage of development and should be treated accordingly, please do not run in a production environment and do expect things to be broken. Thanks for testing Ifc-dotnet. Please report any bugs you find to the Issue Tracker. Currently Ifc-dotnet supports the serialization (export) and deserialization (import) of ifcXml files to the IFC2x3 s