dirLIST - PHP Directory Lister

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dirLIST displays files and folders in a given HTTP/FTP directory. It has a wonderful interface with choice of Thumbnail or List view along with gorgeous icons for different file types. Includes a sleek gallery, web based mp3 player, file admin + more




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Swiss File Knife

Multi function command line tool that belongs onto every usb stick.

Mixclouder - Get and update id3 tags of mixcloud downloaded mp3s

Get and update id3 tags of mixcloud downloaded mp3s for iphone. RequimentsPython 2.6+ Internet Explorer (tested on IE8) Internet connection Configurationmixclouder.py last lines example: updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Hip-Hop", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Hip-Hop")updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Dance", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Dance")updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Electro", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Electro")updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Chill", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Chil

Wicket-slides - Wicket + SmoothGallery 2.0 integration

Wicket + SmoothGallery 2.0 integration UsageExample 1 \tadd(new SlidesPanel.Builder("slides")\t.addImageList(imageList)\t.addThumbList(thumbList)\t.size(450, 376)\t.thumbSize(64, 48)\t.showThumbs(true)\t.build());Example 2 \tadd(new SlidesPanel.Builder("diaporama")\t.addImage(baseDir + "accueil/01.jpg")\t.addImage(baseDir + "accueil/02.jpg")\t.addImage(baseDir + "accueil/03.jpg")\t.addImage(baseDir + "accueil/04.jpg")\t.size(580, 387)\t.timed(true)\t.showThumbs(false)\t.build());

DirList User Database System

DirList is a user database system for POSIX-compliant systems and can be administered with the DirList ODBC driver and the sample Microsoft Access database. Casual users can access a DirList system through the CGI web interface.

Phpflair - Combines multiple CSS or JavaScript files into one file, caches the combined file, and se

Using one file, instead of having clients download several CSS and JavaScript files, phpFlair allows you to serve them one CSS and one JavaScript file. This allows your Web page to load and respond more quickly. GZip encoding further reduces the time for your Web page to load and reduces bandwidth used by your site. Client-side cache headers allow clients to download your CSS and JavaScript once, instead of every page load, unless you make changes to your CSS or JavaScript file(s), in which case

tffs-lib is a Tiny FAT File System library.

The TFFS project aims to create a FAT file system module for embedded system. All of code is writen by ANSI C, so it is easy to port for your architecture. You can support your own specific hardware by implimentating your own Hardware Abstraction Interface. Feature of Tiny-FAT file systemSupports FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. Supports both 8.3 format file name and Long File Name(LFN). Supports cache system to improve access speed. Hardware independent design, easy to port to specific hardware platform

Classcollection - A collection of classes and methods i think is usefull.

A collection of classes and methods i think is usefull. Some of the Features: - Walk a directory tree and return a List of files/directorys, can set a lot of filterng options (Se org.steelsquid.classcollection.example) - Delete a file/directory recursively. - Copy file or a dir. Copy recursively if a directory. - Move file or a dir. - Reading text content of a file. - Writing a text to a file. - Writing a stream to a file. - Read text from file in classpath. - Check if a file/dir is a link i uni

Indexes - Pure(?) JavaScript FileList Library

indexes.js is pure(?) Javascript filelist library. - Get the list of files and directories "as Array" or "with Callback". No need serverside scripts, but require Apache "mod_autoindex" module (and "jQuery" or "Prototype"). UsageTarget Directorytarget/ - dir1/ - dir2/ - file1.txt - file2.htmlSetting (Apache)target/.htaccessOptions +Indexesor httpd.conf<Directory /path/to/target/> Options +Indexes</Directory>Examplewith jQuery (Callback)<script type="text/javascript" src="http://indexes.googlecode

Xml-dir-listing - The XML Directory Listing application recursively searches a given directory, and

XML Directory ListingThe XML Directory Listing application recursively searches a given directory, and generates an XML file representing the directory structure. DescriptionXML Directory Listing is a cross platform application for generating an XML representation of a directory structure. XML output contains a wealth of file information and can be configured in many different ways. Configurable XML output. Files can be included or excluded from output. Cross platform Java application. SAX based

Peach-script-language - Peach scripting language

Peach script languageIs a small multi-platform scripting language entirely written in Java(1) and is under GPL licence. This language is made only for study, and is designed for allthose person needing write a fast and useful script. With Peach you can: Read/write, create, delete and copy file. Create and extract Zip archive, with some utility like recursively insert from directory. Use a wrapper object of Vector and Hashtable from Java(1). Convert your source code in standard xml, if you don't

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