PC/104 I/O Robotics Drivers

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Linux kernel drivers for a 104-DIO-48S and multiple Polaroid sonar sensors.




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PC-DIO-CARD48 Linux Driver

An client module for pcmcia-cs (Linux), allowing the use of Measurement Computingacute;s PC-DIO-CARD48 under Linux.

Mudita24 - improved envy24control: ALSA GTK+ GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards

Mudita24 - Control Panel for Ice1712 Audio Cards Mudita24 is a modification of the Linux alsa-tools' envy24control(1): an application controlling the digital mixer, channel gains and other hardware settings for sound cards based on the VIA Ice1712 chipset aka Envy24. Unlike most ALSA mixer controls, this application displays a level meter for each input and output channel and maintains peak level indicators. This is based on Envy24's hardware peak metering feature. Mudita24 provides alternate na


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