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Dingo is a pluggable Schema Compiler for .NET and will generate C# code. The goal is to provide a simple way to generate Domain Objects. .NET XSD currently only generates Data Objects. Dingo can delegate code generation with high granularity.




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Dingoframework-fork - Fork of the Dingo Framework

Dingo is a powerful, speedy, and light-weight platform for building web applications as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Dingo-php - Indigo libraries PHP extension

The aim of the project is to make all Indigo functions accessible from PHP. Currently Dingo and Cano are supported. Dingo is the powerful and fast 2D molecule render library. Cano is the fast SMILES canonicalization library.

Dingoframework - PHP Rapid Development Framework

Dingo is a powerful, speedy, and light-weight platform for building web applications as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Pydingo - PyDingo will be a multi purpose GUI application (file manager, text editor, other) based o

PyDingo will be a cross-platform File Manager based on PyQt4. The key feature will be pluggable widgets that will handle various URLs (text editor for text files, file browser for folders, media player for multimedia files and so on) shown in tabs (or opening files in external applications assigned to such files). Tabs will be detachable as QDock external windows or embedded on the PyDingo window sides (thus allowing 2 panel or more file management). The purpose of creating such application is t

Dingo-wsn - Dingo is a development tool for wireless sensor networks

Dingo provides tools for the simulation and deployment of high-level, Python code on real sensor networks. A new release of Dingo will be available in the next few months. Please check back for details, or join the dingo-announce group.

Psychotic - Pure Python code optimizer

Psychotic was Kevin Dangoor's April Fools Day joke in 2008. As a consolation prize, here is some RealPerformanceHelp. Psychotic is an innovative optimizing compiler for Python code. It has unique features, the most important of which is that it breaks through the ConstantTimeBarrier. It is very easy to use and has an interface similar to that of the popular Psyco project. Below, you can see a usage example. You can also learn about HowItWorks, the ProjectHistory and KnownIssues. You can also bro

Pyramidlinux - Pyramid Linux

Pyramid 1.0b6 is available for download: http://dl.metrix.net/support/dist/ Pyramid is binary linux distro for use on x86 embedded platforms. It is primarily focused on wireless applications however people have found many great uses for it. We primarily develop and test Pyramid for Metrix Kits, but it works well on other x86 based hardware as well. Check the WorkingHardware page for more info or add to it if you find hardware not listed that works with Pyramid. Who maintains pyramid? Pyramid was

Dingo_scripts - All scripts for Dingo instrument

All scripts for Dingo instrument