load distributing name daemon

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Distributing name daemon. Derived from lbnamed. Used to serve you your local CPAN mirror when you ask for ftp.perl.org. It's been superceeded by the pgeodns project.




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Java Uniform Data Access is a simple set of Java classes for persistence and query services. It can be used without boring configuration files and provides a simple solution for dinamically building query using only Java objects.

Livrinho IRC adaptative bot

Livrinho is an adaptative bot project for IRC with educational proposal. Its main characteristic is the use ofd adaptative transitions for dealing with thread and user relationship problems. It has too a db connection with a mysql based dinamic webpage forum, by collecting information about chat intercation for research proposal.

Paret - change gnome wallpapers dinamically

This is an small application to change the Gnome wallpaper dinamically.

Isim - iSim is an open-source dinamic system modeling software

iSim Development SiteiSim is an open-source dinamic system modeling software.

Jsflowengine - simple modular javascript workflow engine

jsflowengineSimple javascript workflow engine for dinamic driven client aplicattions, design and create browser execution runtime and modular libraries stack.

Aziendabde - project for an examination: server web for an imaginary company...

a simple but long project created for an another examination. this project consist of a creation of a dinamic web app to manage their goods and their assignment to the employees. project developed by Massimiliano Palermo Alessandro Gaeta

Jquery-barcode - A jQuery barcode plugin

Dinamic creation of barcode with javascript. Code supported: Code39 Interleaved 2 of 5 Downloads Demo

Terl - A SIP, RTP and STUN modular server written in Erlang

This is the first step to implement a modular SIP, RTP and STUN server that could dinamically change the role. At this moment it's only a didactical implementation

Sscalar - Design of a super scalar processor using systemC

The aim of this project is to desing a simple super scalar processor with dinamic scheduling using tomasulo's algorithm, branch prediction and multiple issue.