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Directory Monitor Application by WEBNETSOFT http://www.webnetsoft.gr. You need .NET 4 to run DiMo. DiMo makes use of open source framework CSharpFrame, https://sourceforge.net/projects/csharpframe.




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Parallelpriorityqueues - Parallel Priority Queues

A parallel priority queue is a versatile data structure for applications such as extracting the earliest events in a discrete event simulation, identifying urgent tasks in a parallel scheduler,or exploring most promising sub-problems in a state-space search. The traditional heap data structure yields only one item at a time and any update along its tree structure is cache unfriendly due to exponentially increasing distance between parent and child nodes. Fine-grained large-scale applications fur

Dflogs - Dansguardian farm logs parser

Dansguardian Farm Logs ParserAboutdflogs is a combination of perl scripts and php pages to parse, analyze and display statistics about a serverfarm of dansguardian servers. The perl scripts parse the combined dansguardian logs and save the produced statistics in txt files. Then the php page reads these files and displays the statistics in a more friendly format (I should also thank the developers of jpgraph library for that) This project page is still a work in progress and there are many things


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