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A Java implementation of the Dijkstra bestpath algorithm.




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GraphHopper - Fast and Open Source Road Routing Engine in Java

GraphHopper is a fast and Open Source road routing engine. It works with OpenStreetMap data. It has additional implementations for A*, Dijkstra and the bidirected versions, Takes care of the road type, the surface, barriers, access restrictions, ferries, Supports Car, Bike, Pedestrian and you can easily create your own or customize existing vehicles and lot more. It is tuned towards road networks with OpenStreetMap data but can be useful for public transport problems as well.

Hoja7cc2003 - Hoja de trabajo #7 de algoritmos y estructura de datos

Hoja de trabajo #7 de algoritmos y estructura de datos. Algoritmo de Dijkstra en java

Hoja8 - Hoja de Trabajo numero 8 de Algoritmos y Estructuras de Datos

Implementación de un grafo. Implementación del algoritmo de Dijkstra (single source shortest path).

Java-path-finding - Simple Path Finding in Java

Path finding implementation for Java. Under development. Here is an example project: Maze Solver:

Javagraph - This is a medium scale unfinished graph data structure implemented in java

java graph - is a medium/small project that i wrote trying to implement the grpah data structure and implementing few of the basic graph algorithms related.

Pantera - Ilustrates Graph theory algorithms

It's a program that explains graph theory algorithms, you design your favorite graph and then you execute some of the(so far) four algorithms, I'm using java, and graphviz for rendering the graph.

Graphwiz - Create a graph and visualize a shortest path computation using Dijkstra's or Bellman-

GraphWiz is an educative tool in JAVA using JGraph (Graph visualization library) and JGraphT (Graph theory library). It can be used by a professor or student to visualize easily how the Dijktra's or Bellman-Ford algorithms work. (Step by step)

Gmgraphlib - A Graph Library for Java

The GMGraphLib is a graph library made with Java. With it, the programmer can make searches, like BFS and DFS, and detect connected components and cycles in a graph. It can deal with directed and undirected graphs, weighted or not. Additionally, it implements many graph algorithms, like Dijkstra and Prim. Now, it offers an algorithm that solves the Travelling Salesman Problem, with an approximated answer. GMGraphLib é uma biblioteca de grafos feita em Java. Com ela, o programador pode fazer bus

Asd-tower-defense - An Open-Source and Cross-Platform Tower Defense Game

ASD - Tower Defense is an open-source Tower Defense game developed in Java. Current version : 2.0 beta4 (Nov 2010) Give us some feedback of the game! What do you think? What was not working? what would be better? Leave a comment here. (you must be logged in your Google account) News Presentation Features in Development Screenshots For further information, please visit the Official Website.

Skidmore-vega - Visualize Every Graph Algorithm (V.E.G.A.)

VEGAVEGA is both a program for visualizing algorithms, as well as a library of Graph classes that can aid the programmer in the development of their own algorithms. LibraryThe VEGA library is currently under development, but so far has a large set of base classes to work with. The code utilizes the Java Generics framework which allows for compile-time type checking, so as to prevent class cast errors. This is not a requirement for the developer, but is highly recommended. The code consists of a