Digital Identity

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Password manager for Windows that includes file encryption and steganography (allows files and data to be hidden in images).



Related Projects

Openid-pt - OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension - Using Smart Cards

This project is concerning with the creation of an extension to openID protocol in order to provide secure and strong authentication using smart cards.

Lemonid - Lemon-id is digital identity manager integrator based on Rails , Database and LDAP

Lemon-id is not another web sso framework. It is an identity federator. It is an identity provider which can manage several protocoles by its interfaces:SQL,LDAP,POP,SOAP or Restful. It is SOA and ROA oriented. More infos on wiki In fact Lemon-id manages both database AND LDAP directory server. an another schema

Pseudoid - PseudoID: Enhancing Privacy for Federated Login

Federated login systems provide users a convenient single sign-on experience at the expense of allowing users to be tracked by their chosen identity providers. PseudoID addresses this privacy concern by allowing federated login users to login to websites using an untraceable pseudonym. The system is based on blind digital signatures and is compatible with a popular federated login system named OpenID. PseudoID may also be extended to permit selective disclosure of user attributes. The implementa

Meaggregator - MeAggregator is a JISC funded project allowing the user to integrate and disseminate

The aim of this project is to develop an open source application that can be web based or on the desktop, that will serve as a MeAggregator. The MeAggregator will configure the total set of technologies that an individual is using at a specific point of time, on a flexible and modular basis. The specific objectives are to: Produce an aggregator framework, on which to base modular development; Provide a tool for students and staff to manage their online communities and channels, through advanced