XML differencing and patching tools

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XML Differencing and Patching tools. XML based tools to mimic the functionality of traditional line based diff and patch utils, except operating on the hierarchical structure of XML.




Related Projects

Fc-xmldiff - Fuego Core XML diff and patch tool

Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch ToolThe Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch tool is a fast and memory-efficient general-purpose tool for diffing and patching XML files. The underlying algorithms have been described in T. Lindholm, J. Kangasharju, and S. Tarkoma: Fast and Simple XML Tree Differencing by Sequence Alignment, Proceedings of ACM DocEng 2006. acm.org hiit.fi. The source code for the tool is released under the permissive MIT license News June 26, 2009: Project reincarnated at code.google.com a

diffxml - Diff and Patch XML files

Diff and Patch XML files


Get a diff.xml file with the differences between two input xml files, while keeping mandatory tags provided in another input xml file