Diet Tracker

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Diet Tracker enables you to track your diet progression online. It is a set of Perl scripts that uses a MySQL database to store and display your daily weight variations and calorie intake as you progress in your diet.



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Nutrition-tracker - Nutrition Tracker

Nutrition Tracker is a comprehensive meal tracking system. It's current feature set includes, but is not limited to: 1) Adding foods to the database simply by reading the nutrition facts label; 2) User registration and sign-on; 3) Adding meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; 4) Viewing your total caloric, fat, and fiber; 5) A notes section to jot down how you felt or what exercising you accomplished on a particular day. Upcoming features: 1) View a dump of meals and notes entered into

Paco - Quantified Self and Social Science Experiment platform

PACO is a tool for building your own personal science experiments!In minutes!!(On Android Devices! And someday iOS 5 devices...) Sign up for the Paco App Beta There is a beta version for people who just want to use Paco. Get an Invitation. Are you a developer interested in the quantified self, behavioral science research, and/or building tools that allow everyone to do personal science?This is the site for developers who want to help grow the Paco platform. We are in the process of turning a res

Shrinkingman - A diet tracker for the GNOME desktop

Shrinking Man is an application for tracking your weight and the calories consumed each day. It integrates well with the GNOME desktop environment.

Workout-tracker - PHP/MySQL program to track workout and schedules

Code Name: "workout-tracker" is a PHP/MySQL based system to track and record weightlifting workouts. The code will include support for multiple gyms, multiple routines, and multiple workouts. The main goals of the tracker provided in order of (hopeful) accomplishment. 1. Provide fitness enthusiasts a way to track their weightlifting workouts. For example sets, reps, weight. It will allow people to keep an organized scheduled workout. Support for diet tracking and other cardiovascular workouts (r

Co2racker - Teams compete to track and reduce their carbon footprint with CO2racker

CO2rackerCO2racker (say "carbon tracker") is a carbon tracking application. With it, groups and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by taking and tracking specific "carbon diet" actions. How it worksWith CO2racker, the site administrator sets a carbon reduction goals, say, 1,000,000 pounds. He or she then invites one or more team leaders. Team leaders in turn invite members for their respective teams. The members of the team, including the leader, take various green actions to reduce t

diet - a diet tracker web app

a diet tracker web app

hdwt - Hacker Diet Weight Tracker

Hacker Diet Weight Tracker

WeightWeight - Weight Weight, Don't Tell Me! A diet stats tracker.

Weight Weight, Don't Tell Me! A diet stats tracker.

diet-tracker - XForm for Fitness PPL

XForm for Fitness PPL