Dictionary Maker

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DictionaryMaker is a graphical tool for creating electronic pronunciation dictionaries (for natural languages). The system allows a user to develop a pronunciation dictionary without requiring expert linguistic knowledge or programming expertise.




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Xd-dict - XD Dictionary

IntroductionXD is a simple and Cross-Platform dictionary software written in Qt4. The file format of XD Dictionnary is opened, so if you held any programming skills, you can make custom dictionnay files. XD folder treeWindows version│ xd.exe│ index-creator.exe│ msvcr80.dll│ msvcp80.dll│ QtCore4.dll│ QtGui4.dll│ Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest│ options.ini│ app.ini│├─doc│ readme.txt│ licence.txt│├─dict│ top.index│ bottom.index│ middle.index│ jp-jp_koujien.dic

Tictionary - Dictionary Creator

The project aims a dictionary maker software, for resource-limited devices having J2ME platform, such as most available smartphones. And also contains a demo application as a mobile(J2ME) dictionary, Osmanlıca-Türkçe(Ottoman to Turkish) dictionary, having old-Turkish words(from the dictionary of Prof. Dr. Mehmet KANAR with his grateful permission) mapped to today-meanings. The project is at its end. As a last step to implement, it needs to be modularized and packaged as a dictionary-creator-s

Kelimemaker - Kelime MakerSEL, Bruteforce algoritmasi ile 1-40 haneli Turkce kelimeler üretebilir.

Kelime MakerSEL ile bruteforce algoritmasi ile 1-40 haneli kelimeler(maske ile daha fazla), passwordlar, duzenli ifadeler üretilebilir. İstenirse üretilen Kelimeler Turkce Filtrelemesinden gecirilerek istenilen karakter formatına uygun türkçe kelimeler olusturulabilir... vs. BruteForce algoritmasi ile günümüz bilgisayarlarının bile 8 haneli bir passwordu bulması icin gereken deneme yanılma zamanı oldukça fazladır. Kelime formatı için uygun format hazırlanarak ve çeşitli Filt