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.NET library for building objects from dictionary.




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Dictset - A specialized Python container datatype for managing collections of sets.

General DescriptionThe basic Python container types (dict, list, set, and tuple) are extremely versatile and powerful. The collections module first implemented in Python 2.4 has shown that sub-classing these containers can yield elegant solutions to the right problem. In a similar vein this project is a dict subclass for elegantly handling collections of sets. In many aspects a DictSet is similiar to a defaultdict of sets except it generalizes many of the set operations to the dict. Put simply,

Persistentdict - A python module similar to shelve but using an sqlite3 (or other) database as a bac

pdict is a simple module that provides a dict-like type called PersistentDict which will persist the dictionary to a database of your choice. Whenever an items is requested, added, changed, or removed, the data is read from/written to a database. The values in the dict can be an object of any type that is serializable by the pickle module. This is handy for when you want to save preferences, current state and other data between uses of your program. Usage is very simple, for example: >>> from pd

Xml2json - Python library for converting XML documents into JSON, plus Google App Engine frontend.

xml2json is a simple library to convert an XML document into simple Python dictionary tree of dicts, arrays, and strings. That object can then be easily serialized as JSON. The source also includes a Google App Engine frontend to use the converter as a service at http://jsonproxy.appspot.com

Dict4ini - An ini configure process module, and deal with ini file as a dict object

Dict4Ini''This module is used to process ini format configuration file. It acts just like a dict, but you can also access it's sections and options with attribute syntax, just like x.test.'' Why reinvent this module?I used Config4Obj module for GoogleTalkBot software (confbot) to deal with configuration file. But I found its lacks on: Only can access options as x['name']['o'], but not as x.name.o You must create section first, then you can access its options. So if you didn't create x['name']={}

Python-ctemplate - Python wrapper for the ctemplate library

The main functions and classes of the ctemplate library are wrapped as native Python objects. This enables quick prototyping and testing of a ctemplate system. Run python internal help() for an API overview: $ python -c "import ctemplate; help(ctemplate)" Example # loads example.tpl in current directorytemplate = ctemplate.Template("example.tpl", ctemplate.DO_NOT_STRIP)dictionary = ctemplate.Dictionary("my example dict")dictionary.SetValue("VALUE1", "TEST1")# dict setters call SetValue() automat

Salesforce-beatbox - Python library for querying/updating Saleforce.com data via SOAP API

OverviewPython library for querying/updating Saleforce.com data via SOAP API A distutils packaged version of the beatbox module by Simon Fell http://www.pocketsoap.com/beatbox/ This module contains 2 versions of the Salesforce client. XMLClient which is the original beatbox version of the client which returns xmltramp objects and PythonClient which returns dicts with proper python data types. ie integer fields return integers. HistoryThis code was previously hosted at https://svn.plone.org/svn/c

Python-javaobj - Python module for serializing and de-serializing Java objects.

LCM is a python libraries that provides functions for reading and writing (writing is WIP currently) Java objects serialized or will be deserialized by ObjectOutputStream. This form of object representation is a standard data interchange format in Java world. javaobj module exposes an API familiar to users of the standard library marshal, pickle and json modules. FeaturesJava object instance unmarshaling Java class itself unmarshaling Primitive values unmarshaling (using ) Automatic conversion o

Openbatch - A cross-platform batch processing framework based on OpenDocument

IntroductionOpenBatch is a framework written in Python to easily create a batch processing (instantiate template documents, sending emails, printing...) job by iterating through rows from an OpenOffice Spreadsheet .ods file. It can be used as an alternative to "mail merge" kind of application supported by OpenOffice or Microsoft Office. 5-minute tutorialOne of the most typical batch job is to send customized emails from a list of users. Using OpenBatch, you can easily achieve this by creating a

J2plist - A java library to convert java objects to plist.

j2plist is a simple property list (plist) converter library. Property lists are frequently used by applications running on Mac OS X or iPhone OS. More information about plist Simple UsageJava code: PList plist = new PList(); Map map = new HashMap(); map.put("name", "John Doe"); map.put("age", 25); map.put("single", true); try { System.out.println(plist.encode(map)); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); }Result: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD P