The Dictionary System

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The application Dictionary System (DS) is a web application designed for creation of one-way bilingual dictionaries or encyclopaedias offering a working environment for creation of a dictionary and a web page which enables the general public to search in the dictionary. It is so-called DWS application (Dictionary Writing System) or DPS (Dictionary Production / Publishing System). Aplikace Dictionary System (daacute;le DS) je webovaacute; aplikace. Je to tzv. DWS aplikace (Dictionary Writing System) nebo takeacute; tvz. DPS (Dictionary Production/Publishing System). Aplikace Dictionary System nabiacute;ziacute; pracovniacute; prost?ediacute; pro tvorbu jednosm?rnyacute;ch dvojjazy?nyacute;ch slovniacute;k? nebo encyklopediiacute; a weboveacute; straacute;nky, ktereacute; umož?ujiacute; vyhledaacute;vat ve slovniacute;ku širokeacute; ve?ejnosti.



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Kaz33-java-dict - The entire word root and prefix of Neworiental

the system that can search word from Neworiental word root and prefix library

Filedic - a python dic class which based on file system 基于文件系统的python字典对象实çŽ

A python dict class,based on file system. We let all the keys in memory while the data of the key to file,so it is fast, lighted key-value dict python class. The length of key is short but its value is long, is the best practice. 一个基于文件系统的python字典对象实现,将key�存在内存中而将值�存到文件中,适用于key短�而值的内容很多的情况

Udao - an online dictionary for Ubuntu

We plan to build an online dictionary for Ubuntu or other Linux operating systems, just like the best online dictionary called youdao for windows. Currently, we have only finished the rough GUI and some simple functions,like speaking. The job we need to finish first is how to search the WWW to get the correct translation of the words. We have finished translate a word by searching

Sdiqt - SdiQt is a platfotm independent dictionary viewer

SdiQt is a viewer for dictionaries in Sdictionary format. The main goal was to create dictionary viewer for Sharp Zaurus Mobile Tool but for now the program works on most operational systems. It uses Qtopia on Sharp Zaurus, Qt or Tk on desktop.

Python-ctemplate - Python wrapper for the ctemplate library

The main functions and classes of the ctemplate library are wrapped as native Python objects. This enables quick prototyping and testing of a ctemplate system. Run python internal help() for an API overview: $ python -c "import ctemplate; help(ctemplate)" Example # loads example.tpl in current directorytemplate = ctemplate.Template("example.tpl", ctemplate.DO_NOT_STRIP)dictionary = ctemplate.Dictionary("my example dict")dictionary.SetValue("VALUE1", "TEST1")# dict setters call SetValue() automat

Szotar - A bilingual dictionary and vocab learning program.

Szótár is a bilingual dictionary and vocabulary learning program for Windows. The program does not need to be installed to work, just extract the zip file and run Szotar.exe. It is written in C# 3.0 and runs on .NET 3.5. It uses SQLite and System.Windows.Forms. Please give feedback if you have any; you can do so via the issue tracking system. Current ProgressThe current version is 0.6, and sports a quick and useful dictionary lookup, word list editing, tags, and practising, importing dictionar

J2plist - A java library to convert java objects to plist.

j2plist is a simple property list (plist) converter library. Property lists are frequently used by applications running on Mac OS X or iPhone OS. More information about plist Simple UsageJava code: PList plist = new PList(); Map map = new HashMap(); map.put("name", "John Doe"); map.put("age", 25); map.put("single", true); try { System.out.println(plist.encode(map)); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); }Result: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD P

Hapax - ctemplate + ezt templating for Java.

What is Hapax?Hapax is a simple but powerful text templating library for Java. Hapax is suitable for constructing text output from Java code. The syntax is similar to Google's ctemplate library, and emphasizes the separation of logic from presentation. Hapax was designed to be easy to use and have minimal dependencies. Hapax does not depend on any existing web framework, and is suitable for use in servlets, scripting languages (Scala, Groovy, etc), and server-side applications. Examplepackage co

V8-dbus - JavaScript D-Bus binding for v8

v8-dbus is a JavaScript D-Bus binding for v8 It provides the interface for JavaScript to access D-Bus service (session/system) such as method_call, signal_receipt. How To UseConnect to the BusTo create an JavaScript object that wraps system/session bus connection, use the following code: var session = dbuslib.session_bus(); var system = dbuslib.system_bus();InterfacesD-Bus uses interfaces to provide a namespacing mechanism for methods. An interface is a group of related methods and signals (more

Python-unhosted - Python library for Unhosted project

This is a Python library for Unhosted project ( It provides a class implementing Unhosted JSON protocol and support for Twisted Web ( Python-Unhosted is licensed under GNU LGPL license. Release: Release planning for 0.2.0: Opened issues for 0.2.0: Installation: Clone our main development branch: hg clone https://python-unho