Dick Board Games

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Collection of board games (like tic-tac-toe) for QT, GTK and console. 4-in-a-row and tic-tac-toe implementations for now.




Related Projects


An opensource replacement for the Commander Pro software available for download from http://www.ups-software-download.com This works with the no-name UPS available from Dick Smith in Australia, and probably others that use this software As of 12-12-2008,

Dickewiki - A better Wiki

DickeWiki is a Wiki software.

Joto - Java Object To Object generic type conversion library

Java Object To Object is a generic type conversion library. Converts the given object to an instance of requested type. It is usefully to separate several conversions in a manageable layer, e.g. in a traditional enterprise application: convert domain/entity objects to DTO and DTO objects to View Model objects ... Example: // convert a string CSV data to Person object Person person = JOTO.convert("John Dick, 2010.06.23, Vienna, 1233211", Person.class); // convert a string CSV report to Person dom

Poordecisions - Source of the wildly popular Poor Decisions .net website and other shit

Poor Decisions .net's website and related source code.We also have apps for Android, iOS, and Palm WebOS, games, an IRC chat bot, and a whole bunch of web-based bullshit. We are also awesome, and dick around a lot with all of this. But if you try hard enough there's actually a whole bunch of actual code and imoprtant things on the wiki, and a bug tracker that we are starting to actually use for bugs. Also we are so cool and thoughtful.

Sharks Sharks Everywhere!

A 2D side-scolling cross between Super Mario Bros. and Moby Dick. And yes, there are aliens.

Easyprofiler - Compile-time profiler for C++

PLACE LAUNCHED (November, 12th 2009) Easy Profiler is a compile-time profiler for C++. It comprises of two components : a collector DLL containing the instrumentation routines, and a standalone observer application to analyze/compare profiling results. Support Content Presentation Quickly presents Easy Profiler How it works Explains the usage of the profiler Features list A list of features Basic tutorial This is a basic use case. Read the story about Jeff and his two developers Bob and Dick as

A Granular Neural Network Simulator

This is an implementation of the Granular Neural Network architecture defined by S. Dick, A. Tappenden, C. Badke, O. Olarewaju. It is provided for the use of the public, and the convenience of researchers who may wish to develop or use this new system.

DXSpider DX Cluster System

The DXSpider DX Cluster is a linux based, (mainly) perl program designed to provide the same general functionality (and more) as the DOS version originally written by Dick Newell AK1A.

Mu-inheritance - smal(lest?) inheritance javascript framework

µ(inheritance) allows : inheritance between function (class) multi-inheritance (but not recommended ;-)) to declare and use a constructor otherwise, you have an abstract class (unable to instantiate) calling parent constructor (constructor name = function (class) name) to test type of an object This source code (30 lines of code) is largely inspired by those books : Javascript patterns - Stoyan Stefanov JavaScript : the Good Parts - Douglas Crockford Javascript cookbook - Shelley Powers Pragmat

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